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  • Quote from mAdm0nk: “alright add me, I only duell naked, cus fight club oh btw they will add arena in future updates confirmed, I will also spam devs to make a naked only arena to have proper good pvp fights. so dw buddy ” that's a dueler,respek for u.adding u

  • Beeing the BEST DUELER IN QM

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    Quote from Percyvelle: “this thread is nonsense. next issue please. ” probably people low skill like u thinks they don't need even rework the duels or making an arena,already game has low feature and if u don't want to make this few feature more enjoyable just close the game.

  • Quote from mAdm0nk: “lies! im the best dueler! ” Come at Qm and proves it

  • Boriky thanks u got my point.

  • is a suggestion,u read all this bad things and u can remove it and makes the duel fair and skill. like no food or pot,no horse,no switching gear before and after duel starts,not so much. what i see when i duel u it should be what u are and what i'll fight against,i'm not forcing u to duel me.

  • So the point in game is if u don't like the hellgate(5v5 )or open pvp(zerg)u should duel in town for makes urself skill better and training with ur build and that's all good but when u start to enjoy the duel,and maybe is working for u becuase is all based on ur skill,u would start bet and after a month i spent on grinding i made like 2 milions and lost becuase ppls can switch gear in the meanwhile of fight if they runned away and kiting with horse and switch gear from"melee to mage or archer or…

  • Disconnected by Server

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    "Disconnected from Server. Disconnect by server. The servers logic (application ) disconnected this client for some reason." i had ther same problem,now the launcher is locked after loggin in.