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  • Quote from PrintsKaspian: “Fixed an issue where galloping sound would disappear while still galloping ” Thanks

  • I wonder why SBI doesn't just implement one in game even one as basic as whats in the arena it could prove very helpful.

  • Quote from OMW2FYB: “Quote from Spiritman69: “Quote from benfikista: “What's the problem of joining a guild? Any activity you do will earn points for guild challenge, each level score some season points. During a season if your were on a guild for at least 65 days you will earn rewards based on the guild season rank ” I'm a solo player aswell, a big problem for me was the Silver Tax. First Guild was 15%, second guild was 30% and I'm not willing to split 30% of my silver earnings for ZvZ Content …

  • Quote from Medardo_Sempai: “It's not fair what happened, everything needs a fix ” I vote for a full wipe, who else is with me!? hmm. didn't think so.

  • It doesn't it only allows you to make a new account. tried that one already

  • Steam can only link to one of your accounts. If you already created an albion account over steam it will stay connected and can't be changed. So how can you link it one time? Brother made an account through the website and can't find a way to link it to steam. I tried too before and couldnt' figure out how to do it either for my own account.

  • Quote from Piddle: “Quote from Klanky: “Well guess i'll delete the thread that I just posted didn't see this one. Is there a way to look for a regular bow having trouble buying them without the page tab. ” Yeah the trick is to search for a unique string of characters specific to the item or group of items you are looking for. If you want any normal bow, you can search for "s bow", since all the normal bows have that string in their name. You can then select tier and enchantment from the drop dow…

  • Well guess i'll delete the thread that I just posted didn't see this one. Is there a way to look for a regular bow having trouble buying them without the page tab.

  • I want to do the hellgates, but i'm waiting so the try hards and good people get higher up before my noob butt jumps in and donates gear.

  • Am I an idiot or is the market page button gone? The next and previous buttons don't appear on my screen when I open up the market, or are they moved somewhere and I just don't see them? Trying to browse through bows so I can purchase a regular bow and it's impossible.

  • Yea it's way too high for the average player to achieve in a good time frame.

  • Loot in corrupted dungeons

    Klanky - - Beginner's Questions


    I would have sworn the boss chest was better when I first started playing, but the last 3 corrupted dungeons I did I got way better loot from the side boss chests in the map than the actual boss chest. One of them even dropped a 7.3 quarterstaff that I sold for 1.7 mil that was great doubled my total value in one run.. .haven't been that lucky again sadly.

  • Quote from Professor_Chad: “There are definitely some deep psychological lessons here. It's strange that the ox breeders think what they are doing makes sense and it is clear they are thinking about what they are doing and reasoning about it. Yet they come to the wrong conclusion, even though that conclusion would seem superficially at least to be easy to reach. Yet it is beyond them somehow. That's like every USA beef grower/dairy at the moment. ”