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  • Patch download bug, "Error on download".

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    Check > Could not verify identity of the update site > Known technical issues and workarounds >> Launcher issues

  • Hi There is a solution proposed by the devs: Known technical issues and workarounds; but why do we have to go back to downloading I mean, what is proposed as a solution is to download a compressed zip file with the steam elements in it. Even if you download the whole game or the Launch, you might as well download steam, you might as well be able to export your account to it, I mean if you're a steam afficionado or a steam repugnant, or if one day Albion Online comes on EpicGa…

  • Bsod and Ao ?

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    Post I started for a while with a crash of the game, nothing annoying, then I restarted and some time later first Bsod, then one again on the desktop I restarted the game + discord (the voice) and re Bsod a little while later ... in general I suddenly have a very big ping. At least one point that is very clear now, I won't play Albion Online again, until I've found other solutions, I'll test other games to see if the problem persists. Crash dumps …

  • Bsod and Ao ?

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    I mean, I've done the research, but I don't understand where the problem is, and I've probably exhausted all the possibilities.…l%2FAMD+%20with+SSE2&pp=1

  • Bsod and Ao ?

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    Good evening, sir, I've been getting Bsods when I play Albion Online for several weeks now, and I'm still trying to figure out exactly where it's coming from (after uninstalling and reinstalling, resetting many times.) and I may see the devil everywhere, or maybe the question is stupid, but what is SSE2 for you? "Processor : CPU Intel/AMD with SSE2" My config : Processeur AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor, 3593 MHz, 16 gigabytes of memory + RTX 2060s Is there a person here who has extensive com…

  • Hey People, Quote: “we want ultra-low, ugly but understandable graphics in Connection/computer crappy mode ” Well I lag, I have a war machine in PC, but not a good connection, from montreal to calvados up to my house. Reception: Peak 1.847Mb/s Average 1.159Mb/s Sending: Peak 0.727Mb/s Average 0.603Mb/s Latency: Minimun 112.4ms Average 121.5ms League 37.64ms Namely that plays your game in full Low, but that I lag anyway and it's not discord or teamspeak that makes me lag, it's my connection but o…

  • - wait i need edit some shit.

  • Hi, could you put on your google doc, pleeease?…GX7m7w/edit#gid=300160745 For the "Items power chart" page if it was possible it would be great! @CommunityManagers @Elsa @ImaDoki Because my image is no longer up to date, and that I'm very bad at math

  • Parce que le jeu n'est pas fait pour, et si tu veux faire du solo pvp, les maps full tier 5 autour des portails devrait suffire, faut juste que la communautés des joueurs solo, choissie quelques portails ou lieux spécifique, et les ville a l'intérieur de la blackzone, sont très utile pour eux. Et le risque c'est le jeu, le consomable c'est tout ton stuff, et il n'y as pas de mort permanente ni de cooldown pour revenir en zvz, bref bonjeu.

  • Je suis étonner que vous restiez toujours chez Arch.

  • Un séjour sans faille I'll be editing this once I'm finished with my submission.

  • Solo dungeons are great, but...

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    Post I go there to save princesses, although she seems difficult to get out of here!

  • Vanity & Customization

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    (Hidden Content) Well, like other players I misunderstood and made a rotten purchase before the update that was quite expensive. So certainly, we can refund the gold, except that it costs 300 000 per t5 and 600 000 I think the t6 In other words, 5 times the price of gold today, it was a good scam, so now I have useless armor horses in my business, which can only be subjected as future scams, which is not my style, it's like creating several accounts even to have the creatures of the month, it's …

  • I can't find the subject on the update notes with all the changes? Would you have the connection, please?

  • [May 20th] Server Issues

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    No, but like Chris Robert, who was bought by an independent American company "Clive Calder (his "family office") and Keith Calder's Snoot Entertainment".…-chairman/investment-news Limit asking for a financial sector that has money to help you and go to hell, pay you real servers, enough to have teams running so you don't ruin your health and avoid crunch too often. Details, is that AO has started legal proceedings against the Goldshellers or just the several websit…

  • Durango the game enemy of AO !

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    Hey People…cement-durango-wild-lands I just saw that right now, so in Albion Online we don't have the sea, but it's better in many other areas. Will the developers try to make this buy back by a big company to increase their means of production, Asia is moving fast and they could make it double quickly by this kind of production no? See this famous "Lost Ark" which also looks promising, I will try to create a position about future modifications/improvements for Ao …

  • Faites des test avec les chaussres artefacte en plate qui donne du speed selon le pourcentage de vie, vous remplissez une île de truc tout les 2 ou 3mètres, et vous faites les calcule et vous nous envoyer des screenshoot !

  • Hi, Could you create a topic with all the "Icons" of the game please? I would need it for a huge subject, and also all the spells and their abilities related to the items? @Elsa Could you please do that? That would be very generous of you and I'll save a lot of time!

  • kk vs k silver

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    With the french language it's a 1 un 10 dix 100 cent 1000 millle 10000 dix mille 100 000 cent mille 1 000 000 un millions 10 000 000 dix millions 100 000 000 cent millions etc etc etc. In english it's does'nt like that ? 1k : 1000 and 1m= 1 000 000 and 1b = 1 000 000 000 ?

  • #1 Black Screen when zoning or logging into the game I'm in bank of Thetford, i show the bank 1s and after it's a blackscreen and not response to window, i dont what i do.