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  • Quote from solventh: “@Obelis, i, 5 minutes ago, unlocked 2% gather n combat fame bonus of conqueror's challenge. it was saying 1% bonus before, when i checked. did u people change something about it.. anyway: there s no bonus icon at top left. i logged off and on to check if it comes or not. it didnt. edit: 90 days after.. oh my. ” It's the season rewards. you will get them after the season ends. The 2% knights vow will be upgraded to higher % as u progress.

  • UI gets glitched out

    FriedWater - - Bugs


    What: The profile stats page gets glitched when you open another UI right as you are about to open the stats page of another player. How to reproduce: You click on a bank from some distance and right when you are about to open the bank, you click on stats of another player. It causes it to get glitched out. Glitch: The glitch makes it so that you can not close that stats page. You can interact with it by clicking different tabs in it but you can't close it. Relog doesn't fix it. Only full restar…

  • Can't zone

    FriedWater - - Bugs Testserver


    Travel Planner/zoning is bugged in Test Server. After you login, you can use travel planner fine. the 2nd time the travel planner doesn't work. you can't go anywhere. You can try /suicide and go back to the same city but can't go to "home". Here's the link to the video (its too large to attach). I might be mistaken about some of the details, but that's what i guessed.

  • gg is fine as it is. its a ganking armor. u go in and bring the player to the group. there are counters to it and is not too op/up imo.

  • Yes please. Yesterday I ran from one zone to another just to find one CD in BZ not rz. There are maps for HG, Solo RD, Group RD, Ava. Why not for CDs?

  • Quote from ViniColen: “Quote from Borbarad: “The way it is, this E is pretty much good for jebaiting people and for pve. It has some uses in pvp, but it´s far too easily avoided. Not only everything interrupts it, but there is nothing easier than simply moving away from it . Once axe starts spinning, everyone will instantly scatter unless they are brain dead, and than the damage becomes a joke. Since it´s spinning for 5 seconds, it´s far too easy to avoid / evade and it´s more than enough time t…

  • Enigmatic Staff + Mage Sandals

    FriedWater - - Bugs


    your cast/channel won't be interrupted by 'teleport'. E after F just before teleport will work. F after E won't. Atleast that's what it looks like to me.

  • no. i used the ability after eating a omelette but it still took me whole 60 secs to activate the ability again. the spell timer indication is accurate. edit: i misread your post. nevermind then

  • The tooltip indicates your cooldown is reduced but they are not. For example Ray of Light has 14sec cooldown before and after eating an omeltte (even tho in the weapon tooltip it show less). The spell cooldown timer shows 14secs correctly. cooldown passives are not working too.

  • I agree with @MekaDeth. 1h-dagger has a huge burst but also very easy to kill urself with even parry strike. Purge makes u useless. Kiting makes u even more useless. Dueling in towns is never a good way to judge a weapon completely.