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  • Albion is coming to SEA. Rally your forces and gather your strength. Ready for a new adventure

  • Can Vouch Stormlord is a good leader

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  • Where is my stuff?

    broxxar - - Beginner's Questions


    Go naked and check each town

  • Quote from Vyril: “We're a group of 5 players that are looking to get into a larger guild. I'm for the most part the leader of the group, so I've taken it upon me to look for a guild to match our personalities and Albion goals. On the personal note, we're all 25+ years old. We've been gaming together for years. We're all laid back but take competitive gameplay serious. We like to win, but don't get tilted on a loss. We're EST players so we're most active between 4pm - 2am. I personally will orga…

  • My Money Guild experience

    broxxar - - Forum Banter


    Laxist posting this on forums is not your place to do that, keep it to yourself instead of making more drama @Derrick

  • Glaive Seems Fine

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    Quote from JonahVeil: “Glaive Seems Balanced ” This is every meta class ATM

  • Quote from angrad: “you want 25% return? Not going to happen. Even with a 6/6 island with 5 farms, 6 skinner laborers and 9 fletcher laborers I only make 500k a day. ” Really??? What do you make I think it depends on what is highly in demand as well

  • Quote from [LoD]Obs: “Quote from ThorsHammer: “Why didn't you show you guys getting ganked after the GvG? ” Why do we need to see a video of the most pathetic thing you can do in Albion? Thats like wanting to watch King Arthur with Richard Gere over Game of Thrones. ” Cause it's fun to watch

  • Delete please

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    Delete thread please

  • Chat bug

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  • Your team has way to much burst and range poke, have to full commit in my believe to win

  • Chat bug

    broxxar - - Bugs


    Hello Devs When I log in, I sometimes have a situation where, I cannot get rid of chat by pressing enter, I get locked in chat to type something and cannot remove it to mount with A, instead it just types A, only way to remove is completely shut game down and restart launcher Thanks

  • Quote from solventh: “dear developers and especially @Korn and @Bercilak, the era of direwolf mounters has started in just 25 days. the era of 4-5 man groups all with direwolf mounts has started just today. with your lovely 3 seconds rule implemented, you told us that you wanted to try blocking the hop and hit loop mechanism. now as the 4-5 direwolf mounted groups has evolved i was caught by one of them and killed in black zone like 15 mins ago with the same hop and hit mechanism. in the upcomin…

  • Quote from Valoric: “I'd like to see daily maintenance moved to a time where you don't penalise the Oceanic players even more, currently you take the servers down at our peak times.. if your not taking it down for fucking daily maintenance your getting ' DDOS'd'. If you intended to make us feel alienated and ruin our experience why the fuck do you let us play? my ping is over 300ms when I do play and I put up with it because I enjoy the game, but when you ruin our chances to play the game and st…

  • Quote from Zarf: “Already removed gold trading between players. Take it a step further and remove all currency trading between players. No direct deposits to guilds. Guilds could still amass silver by taxing their members. Now the only way gold sellers could work, is by buying items, reselling on market, or advertising items to players. Would be more problematic for them instead of spamming x silver for x $, now they would have to acquire items and sell them. With the gold market flux, pricing i…

  • Quote from EIIipses: “Hey I am one of the leaders of the blackzone guild called "Team Casualty" One of the changes I would like to propose is to have guild territories be decided by open world PvP, not 5v5s. We recruited a lot of members and feel we should be able to use them to defend guild territories and to attack others. Having all GvG fights decided by a 5v5 is not fair for us, because our specialty is in fielding large groups, rather than small gang tactics. Since we have been so successfu…

  • Quote from Vulix: “I have been watching many Albion streamers on twitch lately and have made a startling discovery concerning blackzone guild players: it seems most blackzone guilds are actually a Ponzi scheme by guild leaders to exploit and overwork their line members for little compensation. Let's go through some examples I have observed on twitch streams hat have led me to this conclusion. Many of these items were observed to be common across multiple blackzone guilds: - Line members are expe…

  • Quote from Scamnicitus: “Compensation? How much game play time do you think the servers have actually been down? I'd say less than 8 hours total... How about just let them focus on fixing what's going on instead of bitching about free shit. What good is fucking compensation and the servers are unreachable from ddos attacks. ” Servers have been down a lot longer then 8 hours total lol Was 8 hours just last night alone?