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  • Just like the function of the left mouse button on the computer to lock the right mouse button to move. Otherwise, you can only move with the left key, and it is too troublesome to lock with the right key. Also, the skill release of the mobile version of Devil's Tooth is not right. If I move his skill, it will release him directly in the direction I move, not in the direction I want to release him. Because you can refer to the operation method of the axe, Q3. It is much more comfortable to opera…

  • 你好我是一位手机玩家,我想要手机版本的地图四个角可以吧方向标注一下,这样子可以方便分辨方向,不需要点开地图才能查看,因为这样子很麻烦,就想电脑一样就行了,四个角都标注WSNE Hello, I am a mobile phone player, I want the mobile version of the four corners of the map can be marked with the direction, so that you can easily distinguish the direction, do not need to click on the map to view, because this is very troublesome, just like the computer on the line, the four corners are marked with WSNE