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  • Cargera gonna have to choose. I was not there at the Beta... So I didn't know this concept existed before Glad some people thought it can be a good idea

  • Hi, I was writing that on discord: "Just over thinking: what about a "great" gvg competition? I was thinking about a competition between the top10 gvg teams over a season. Where all of them will fight against each other to define the best gvg team for the season. I was also thinking about a specific gvg team where you can put 6 players per team or still 5 players with 1 on the bench (like in a football game where the player can get in anytime to replace one player) Just an idea ;)" And you can p…

  • HI, I have activated my EPIC pack 10-15 min before the update (servers shut down)... After it, I still have my gold and my Premium days... but all my gears have disappeared... thumbdown.png Please can anyone tell me what to do? Cheers