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  • Quote from Siphon: “Quote from rayn11e: “Do you have any proof of the servers being under attack and not just very low quality and unable to handle the stress? ” What do you want, logs from Wireshark? That's also assuming you know what that is... and of course they won't show you, that would be sharing all the IPs. ” Siphon the kinda guy who gets fired from work cause he got shot but refuses to show his boss the bullet wound I guess. To each his own, I think Rayn11e is simply suggesting the serv…

  • Get a group going, join a guild, stay in the blue/yellow/red zone. If nothing in that list seems fun (You will still die even in those options) then this game isn't for you period, it might just be time for you to move to a Blizzard game, they give you free stuff in their games.

  • The real question is when will they put a dislike button in?

  • Beta Testing?

    RobinTheHood - - Rants


    Whoa dude calm down, I am in full support of this team after they made melee daggers have a cast bar for it's "E," I went from chunking life as a melee to getting half or fully negated as a caster.

  • Strife Recruitment

    RobinTheHood - - Guild Recruitment


    Strife is looking for multiple veteran players or people that have a good understanding of the game willing to train and learn their role. We are currently looking for Healers, Frost, Fire, Crossbow, Tanks T6+ (Other builds will be invited on experience based solely) T6+ Gatherers If you like having fun with friendly people that also get serious when the time calls this is the guild for you. Reply through discord to Dawn #6469

  • Quote from Stravanov: “1: Learn to write the actual problem you're complaining about. I read your post. And its not very clear if you are experiencing a bug with the rare circles around the animals, or if you just think that gathering leather in general is a problem. 2: If you're just not seing the blue/green/etc. circles around the animals, then your complaint is valid. You should just word it more specifically so people know wtf you're complaining about. 3: If you just think that gathering in …

  • I hate to complain but I gave it 3 weeks of hell trying to gather leather before coming on here and complaining. Right now gathering leather at T4 sucks huge you know what, you can either run through marsh lands which has minimal animals to skin or you have to kill every single mob in desert biomes in the hopes that it might be enchanted, this was the same for test beta for 2 weeks, and now a week into CB2, put some colored circles on animals already small little shit like this would make qualit…

  • Quote from jackthien: “Hi devs, I don't really understand why leg. players have so much advantages. I understand that they paid 100$ for the game, but epic players and vet. also support the game as well. Horse and ox should already be enough to say "thank you" to the leg. players, and everybody should start on the same day. You guys can't just discriminate epic and vet players because they paid less money for the game ($50 is not a small number for a game). In my opinion, I don't think "headstar…

  • Is the game down?

    RobinTheHood - - Feedback Testserver


    Been trying to log into game for over 10 hours, tried copy pasting game files into staging files to override version info, but nothing seems to work. I am on Windows 10, anyone else having this problem or is it just me? Says my client version is incorrect.

  • Account not active?

    RobinTheHood - - Bugs Testserver


    Same, i've had Leg for 10 months or longer.