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  • Quote from Lockemup: “fundamentally i just dont think the game is well balanced for 2v2 content. 1v1 works to some degree since healers arent great in it, and everything 3v3 + works great IMO with tons of working compositions, etc. Would be much more interesting content if hellgate and mists were just made 3v3. ” 3v3 would just dive the healer and GG? (whether its 2 DPS + Healer or 3 DPS - outcome would be the same, no? Just dive the healer...) Actually in a 3 DPS vs 2DPS/Healer match-up, the 2D…

  • Been searching for this on forum, but do not seem to find the answer. Is the Satchel of Insight bonus included on the character sheet and the Weekly/total Fame Leaderboards? I made around 13.5 mil fame (this was taken a few days ago) this week. Satchel was always enabled. Is that 13.5 mil fame showing up with the satchel bonus, or without?…5e8b109eefa3ca2ac3a72612f

  • I'll take your silver

  • Skull

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    Guardian Helmet /thread

  • Quote from Madma: “We are talking of STARTER cities, no city plot owned by players... ” right I got that, I meant once he gets to the main (faction) city/capital

  • Quote from Trial_hard: “Is deathcurse not a one handed weapon? If u have no offhand IP is way lower.... ” ^ this. The IP is "average IP" - so it calculate IP of all item slots. If you are missing a slot it will think its "0" IP and will calculate a lower average. (I just tested this by removing an offhand and my avg IP dropped by like 150 points)

  • Usage fee?

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    Quote from therighteousrob: “Is there a good way to determine what a usage fee is by looking at it for external calculators? Or do I need to go and guess. Obviously I know "lower is better" but trying to figure out usage fees. ” you can find the info in the wiki: In general usage fee is per a fixed "item value" of each item that you are trying to craft. Usage Fee = ((ItemValue x 0.1125) x TaxFee))/100 So for 4.1 Scholar Sandals, ItemValue = 256, if the craftin…

  • you can also make (build) your own crafting stations on your personal island (I think t1 island is like 9k to purchase, or was it 29k? Anyway wiki has the price, but its low) - at least for the 1st week, until the city plot stations become established

  • Quote from Val1968: “Я считаю, что это мошенничество. Я всё должен был получить на восточном сервере. Буду добиваться возвращения денег. Желания иметь с Альбионом дело совсем пропало. Разводить переписку не буду и если адвокат скажет, что не стоит подавать иск, то можете подавится моими деньгами. ” Так ты же получил Набор Основателя (только на западном сервере, потому что "кнопки неправильные нажал") - так в чем же иск? Подаешь в суд на самого себя?)))

  • Quote from Fuhcew2: “Every forum post develops because of 1 key issue. Developers lack of feedback or acknowledged direction. The community CANNOT give any substantial feedback if we have no idea where the Developers have their heads. Keeping secrets in store for future content is great, however the community will forever be divided on how content should run without someone from community management or the development team suggesting this is what the content is for. ” For the past 5 years Albion…

  • Quote from Sedocoi: “ofc the first comment is some sbi sympathizer trying to diminish it all. jesus this forum is filled with cuck boys ” Fixed (Hidden Content)

  • this thread again...

  • Quote from Fabrizziou: “Quote from Captainrussia: “try this instead:…&weapon=2H_TRIDENT_UNDEAD ” shouldn't count on a failed concept... that spear like almost every other (just excluding daybreaker, spirithunter and maaaaybe 1h) need a rework on E so spears can see the daylight of group content ” I only meant it as something from the "spear line" - since that is the original topic of the OP. Kind of makes no sense to speak about the whole line and then post stats s…

  • Quote from Cspar: “ ” try this instead:…&weapon=2H_TRIDENT_UNDEAD

  • Quote from Beyolf: “Trying non meta weapon in hunter CDs ” I've always wanted to try Carrioncaller in solo (just never have the time to commit to it), great job! (especially given that looks like you have 0 spec or sub 30 in it). Assassin Jacket was an interesting choice tho...

  • Im making about 1 mil fame/hr in BZ t6 zones. (2 mil fame credits), not sure if that is "the best" but its pretty up there for solo. Im in a shitty 4.1 set worth 80k, so I risk virtually nothing (using regular cape even). You can use many sets, 1h dagger, Bow, 1h nature (Druidic), 1h axe. Don't even need food or potions to keep it cheap... You can also do YZ static dungeons with like a 8.3 satchel and 8.3 set, but those can be overfarmed and it can be pretty boring (but safe), and you need a set…

  • всмысле? покажи скрин открытой темы?

  • Quote from Leko: “'chillhowl is ridiculously strong in 1v1' ” you keep quoting Murderledger, but you don't even to know how to properly use it. This season (2023 S1) Stalker (Chillhowl): Top 16 Slayer (Chillhowl): Top 7, 41, 58, 79, 84 Previous Season (2022 S4): Stalker (Chillhowl): Top 12, 19, 25, 37, 56, 71, 85 Slayer (Chillhowl): Top 1, 4, 5, 20, 24, 32, 54, 56, 79, 83 (like holy fuck!) Quote from Captainrussia: “Don't be like Leko - don't make rookie mistakes... ”

  • Quote from TonzinhoJPA: “Quote from Captainrussia: “I would think a "veteran" is someone who has been playing since 2016, but I'll give you 2019 as well, that counts too:) I guess it does not really matter... ” Thank you for considering me a veteran player. ” I was being a bit sarcastic and tried to be a bit humorous. I hope you caught that. And as I said - it doesn't really matter "what label" people have. Quote from TonzinhoJPA: “My main class is Bow, that's where I'm really evolved, but I hav…

  • Quote from Leko: “now can you give examples on armor who does dmg? ” another thread will be moved to rants... /yawn