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  • Guys.. do you think we could place a "withdraw 10" or make 10 as default when you are removing siphoneds to energize?

  • 1) Would make every single red enemy in black to show the same for you avoiding reds zergs to join together in the same fight. Or make the fight for terry instance to avoid red colaborations; 2) Make a quest systems when guilds could "contract" others guilds (IN GAME, not in discord) by giving itens or silver in exchange of points activities ( Gvg could even be used in this since the contractor's could make quests to another players to help them in the daily limit points), to help smalls guilds …

  • HCEs alto tente fazer com pessoas que vc ja conhece ou tem alguma confiança ( geralmente vc encontra boas pessoas nos niveis mais baixos e vai fazendo os mais altos com pessoas ja conhecidas)