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  • So I can buy a founders reward for East and claim it on the West server? Hah! What a shameless cash grab and a massive fuck you to the early supporters of the game.

  • Windows - Arm 64 Processor

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    Have you updated your windows? I thought they had emulation for x86 and x64 apps running on ARM CPUs - Introducing x64 emulation in preview for Windows 10 on ARM PCs to the Windows Insider Program | Windows Insider Blog

  • Quote from Tabor: “You guys really need to remove mounts from Mists. It is completely toxic gameplay. People sit safely on mounts watching a fight and then try to jump in towards end when everybody is low. People fighting can do nothing about it and people on mounts have no risk. It discourages many people from even attempting to ever try to fight. ” The rat gameplay is going to happen whether there's mounts or not. If there is a chest or point of interest (of which there are very few in mists) …

  • Quote from JonnnyBones: “The big one here is the mounted rat gameplay. ” The rat gameplay is going to happen whether there's mounts or not. If there is a chest or point of interest (of which there are very few in mists) then all the people in the map will congregate there. The mists don't work like a normal map, they are just a random instance which the Albion server alocates a specific number of people, during the beta testing they were testing the numbers of people per map. People saying oh it…

  • All valid ideas, fwiw I think it’s overcooked as well, just spitballing ideas with the new armours. Though to be honest I’m not enamoured with a lot of the new kit abilities.

  • New mage hat might help nature, they get an extra free revitalize channel vs. cleric alone. It should help offset the E nerf, but overall DPS is reduced without Mage Cowl.

  • Quote from Trial_hard: “Quote from Quagga: “Quote from Sethis: “Quote from Quagga: “false. understand that queue is bugged. ” What exactly is false? That CD is a PvE dungeon with optional PvP? How is bugged queue connected to PvP? If you activate the shrine, you get pvp in most cases. From PvP perspective it is even better, all your enemies activated the shrine as well and searching for pvp and you do not need to chase skippers.Quote from Quagga: “The economy of PVP players suffers from rat and …

  • I agree with most of these points. hopefully open world 1v1 becomes a thing with the new mists patch. They have been trying to solve it as much as possible, corrupted dungeons and open world chests to spread people out more, the problem is players are cowards, any flexibility and they will group up to gank. Regarding corrupted dungeons. Yes the balance has always been trash. It feels better than it has in a while, but still trash tier balance. 1h dagger, stupid mace meta and now swords and bows …

  • Suicide message change

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    Why do woke people ruin everything they touch. It’s like a competition to find the most pathetic thing to get triggered by. Albion has been a safe space from this retarded woke bullshit, it’s why it’s been so successful. Literally go play any other game which panders to this retarded bullshit. It is literally the word for the act. Next you’ll want the word removed from the dictionary in case someone becomes triggered reading the dictionary. People have been using the word for hundreds of years t…

  • Corrupted Dungeon Changes To improve the Reset Meta in Corrupted Dungeons we will introduce a new mechanic for Corrupted Dungeons. The goal is to allow for a few disengages to change abilties, adjust tactics and not have the fight narrowed to one single engage. But also add a penalty if players keep continiously resetting the fight, without the need to dramatically reduce the escape chances of items / spells for the open world. Now during an invasion a new mob type spawns in every corridor, whic…

  • That work from home culture really got Albion grinding to a halt.

  • Gender Reroll?

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    If I remember correctly both of these have been answered by devs in the past. Gender switch was off the table due to a technical reason, not sure what would be so difficult about it but they said it would be impossible, or very difficult. Regarding name change they said it would likely never happen, due to the sandbox nature of the game there are instances of scammers or people that have stolen billions from guild etc, it’s important for them not to be able to change their name easily.

  • Solo dungeons have a 90 second window of risk. They don’t need more loot.

  • Faction warfare changes

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    I think the issue is, at least in blue zone, people don’t accumulate a Zerg until the capping os on your doorstep. So people wait until it’s next to their town and then they will go on a crusade to cap as much as possible until they get near the enemies base. At which point the enemy Zerg accumulates and the initial team teleport back to town to claim their chests. This created a back and forth with a focus on capping and not much fighting. One solution might be to add double points for defendin…

  • I’ve basically stopped playing because of the inability to have any sort of stable balance and I can’t deal with the “meta” merry-go-round. I genuinely don’t understand how Albion can’t get its balance right, like not even close just one or two builds each month rotating for ever. That said your argument makes no sense. >The risk isn’t worth the reward >I haven’t died once >I’ve made money So a positive expectancy just not as much as you hoped? If you want to make the big money in Albion you’re …

  • I lurk mostly, normally come back for a few weeks to try new content. Think the game is going in the right direction, faction rework, roads, open world rework all really great. Still, always end up leaving due to the bullshit balance and “meta” mentality. The balance in this game is so heavy handed shit inevitably just goes round and round with some new bullshit flavour of the month, e.g 1 hand dagger rework patch or 1 hand mace. Will check things out again with the new update and mists looks li…


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  • Do black zone roads portals generally lead to more higher level roads and other black zones? Or is it completely random?

  • Arcane is close…

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    I think there’s so many cool creative things they could do for arcane that keep it on brand while still giving it some 1v1 love. Something like time warp, like mage boots but instantly blinks you back to where you were like a few seconds back kind of like mage boots, maybe fires a magic missile bolt like ezreal e, or the dagger weapon where you create a clone that auto attacks or just a clone that runs around fake casting like mirage from apex now it’s crazy that arcane is the least played as we…

  • I imagine it’s to reduce some request load on some mail server somewhere, so doubt it was pointless, I don’t care if I don’t elegy a notification for all 10,000 logs I want to sell tbh.