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  • Quote from Zetecua: “I believe this was the final post by dev @Korn on the matter, from the Poll Thread: Quote from Korn: “Update with a few clarifications: Hi all, Now that we have also announced that the game will not be free to play at launch, the issue of multiple accounts becomes much less severe. The main challenge with outright banning multiple accounts in general is that it is extremely hard to enforce, and if it is enforced, a lot of innocent players would be affected. It is very hard t…

  • Quote from BRiCK: “Nothing like this should be implemented. Thats how u wind up with pussified games. Dont ruin our challenge just cause you dont wanna walk to a city ” So, what you're saying is that walking from a green zone to the city to get to your island is a challenge? Who's the wuss here?

  • Steam keys

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    It is very likely that Steam will allow you to link AO to their application. I've done it with a lot of games that didn't originate on Steam. I never bought certain games via Steam, yet I can tie them to Steam and launch them using Steam.

  • (Old) New LP system

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    I got major hate on these forums for my statements that the game was headed for epic fail. I will say it. Told you so! It's apparent that these devs are only paying lip service to the idea of a hardcore full loot pvp game. It's obvious that their ONLY concern is sucking as much money out of people's pockets as they possibly can as quickly as they can.

  • In a PvP-centric game, this is a crap set up. If you can't have servers set up so that the latency is normal for all areas, then it's going to result in lackluster PvP experience if you're in the wrong area when you get into a fight.

  • Quote from KeRin: “I really love Albion Online. But I'm just bored at the moment and don't know what to do. I have a list of things i want to acchieve in Albion. But i'm afraid that I'll complete all of those goals now in the closed beta if i keep on playing. Besides, what do you guys do? What are your "dailys? I didn't want to quit playing during the beta, but it might actually have to. I sure will be back for the wipe and release but well until than - if nobody can confince me otherwise - i ju…

  • Quote from kronsky_: “Well, i had played this game in 2 different computers. On the "gamer" computer, i have no problem with fps (have a good video card). The problem appeared when i tried to play on one "weak" PC without video card. With below 25 fps and with some spikes of 10~15, the "weak" pc just can't run this game properly. In my opinion this game cant utilize properly the RAM memory and the processor from the PC. My question is: Is there any intent to optimaze this game for PC? Is there a…

  • It will be interesting to see if a wipe brings back a lot of people. If not, that will be a very bad sign.

  • Quote from Devious: “It wasn't the initial plan to make the game B2P but due to gold spammers and botting the devs assessed that they do not have the resources and time yet to get the game servers ready enough to handle such a massive influx of players so for the time being the plan has been switched from F2P to B2P. This doesn't mean however that they will not beable to get the game in a state that can handle F2P. It just won't likely happen until a while after launch. I am personally in favor …

  • People try to say otherwise, but you really can't know if the game sucks until you try it. Requiring people to pay for beta up front is a brilliant marketing move to make cash in the short term, but it's giving this game a bad rep that it will never recover from. I'll be curious to see how long it is before it has to go F2P where you don't pay anything up front to play. I predict a year at most before it happens.

  • Why so superannuated?

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    I have no idea what he's talking about. I'm tired though, so reading for comprehension is a struggle, but with that scattered, difficult to read ramble... I'm going to bed before it corrupts me somehow.

  • ten min death timer wtf?

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    These devs promised a hardcore, group-centric pvp game. They have a small following who adores every bit of this drivel. This game with just the niche crowd it is being designed to appeal to. You buy the game once and you're done. Once word gets out after the game goes live, this game will fizzle out. These hardcore PvP types seem to think there are enough of them to keep a game going. They're delusional. The devs, sadly, equate hardcore with stuff that is just not fun for the majority. This gam…

  • Quote from Falrinth: “Quote from BRiCK: “Its intended to slow down progression.... Dont wanna be slowed down? Dont do it lol...Quit trying to speed everything up! Thats how u wind up with shit games ” How glueing player to the PC to watch filling bar to unpause it every 20 seconds is intended to slow down progression? You can make it last exactly same time without that. Stop trying to simplify reasoning. You wind up with flawed logic. ” You have to watch BRiCK. He tends to type first and think l…

  • I find it really ridiculously stupid that they have not given the option to just auto-decline duels. I thought they made a big production of how they would ban people doing this, and then they had a "fix".... All this time, and it's still here. Unreal. Completely unprofessional. Auto-decline duel is an easy thing to put in the game.

  • In its current state, that is the game. Maybe it will evolve to have some meaning besides pvp epeening. Doubtful though.

  • You are probably in a minority of people who think that dismounting and insta ganking is fun.

  • Not played enough recently to remember the answer for all your questions, but you can build any shop to the highest tier on your personal island as long as you can get the resources. I don't think there is room for everything to be built though, but someone more familiar can confirm. If you want to specialize in food, you can, but you cannot build farming plots on every slot on the island... I think 3 is the max. May as well build something else too. Houses for mercenaries at the very least. Alt…

  • The one third

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    Quote from Khazius: “Quote from Lewk: “Quote from Khazius: “Quote from Lewk: “first of all the game isn't balanced around 1v1. If you play high end pvp you know that longbow is borderline op right now, but not for the reasons you said at all. Sorry to say this , I know it is condescending, but you just don't know what you are talking about. Of course a character built around ranged dmg and snares will out kite a pure melee 1v1. That is the direct counter to the axe line! Smh The fact you called …

  • Quote from Lonehero: “Quote from Diet_Pepsi_Of_Evil: “Why is this thread still going on The Dev's already made their Stance this thread itself is 90% for FT. Amon and Midgard and lone can post 5,000 more times but the Vast majority of players enjoy FT. No one wants to spend the majority of their time walking in video games. I have no clue why those 3 are against FT the points they bring up are illogical and have nothing to do with FT. There are solutions out there to fix some of the problems whi…

  • Quote from Fikule: “Quote from NaciosGaming: “Quote from Amon: “Quote from Ravenar: “What are the alternatives? I like the Premium system better than a monthly subscription. The details could be adjusted perhaps but the possibility to use in-game silver to upkeep premium status is very interesting to me. It will probably also be the main silver sink in the long run to keep the game from getting flooded with silver after a while. Also it should keep the market prices from skyrocketing once the ga…