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  • You're right, I didn't know xD, Thanks now I can move well in very crowded places.

  • In global chats (English, Spanish, etc.) sometimes there is someone doing a flood by copying and pasting something every second. That is why I think it would be good to put that when sending messages you can send another one every 10 seconds or so, in the same way as the paused mode of discord. sample discord image Captura de pantalla por Lightshot (

  • In the banks when there are many people it is sometimes difficult to move since almost anywhere you press there is someone, a key that makes the mouse not click on other players or monsters would be good I leave an example of this function in lol although there it is to select champions. PD: I did not know that this was the right click and the post cannot be deleted.

  • It would be great if you could make the character move with the keyboard, the classic w a s d or with the arrows.