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  • 1 Skill tree zoom is BAD. Been bad for years. Someone just increase the zoom amount and add a icon scaling function. Nobody needs to stare at straight lines for half an hour to find a skill. 2. The whole inventory flipping open/close everytime you open a chest has to go. when you open a chest the inventory should open. When you close the chest it should close. If you hit the X on the inventory window it should close and stay closed til you reopen it or wallk away from the chest and then come bac…

  • The character builder needs SERIOUS work. You cannot even sort by date as far as I can see. Its showing builds ranging from 2-6+ years old. These builds probably don't even have the proper skill names listed anymore. Its not useful at all.

  • Mobile and Not Very Good with PvP?

    Raithe - - Mobile Version


    I cannot play this game on the phone. It exists but I don't see why. Other than they promised mobile access from the inception of the game. Its not the worst thing when gathering in yellow zones but you simply cannot do what you can do with a mouse and keyboard. Not even close. You certainly can't compete on mobile against a pc pvp'er.

  • 1) Progression tree is WAY WAY WAY too spaced out. Each node needs to be close and it needs to allow you to zoom out. The icons need to scale as this happens. This tree is the hardest thing to read I have ever seen. 2) EXIT TO CHAR SELECTION SCREEN. For a game that forces you to alt out for every task I cannot fathom why you cannot exit directly to the char select screen. 3) Did I mention the progression tree is unreadable? Scrolling along indistinct lines for 1.234518758 minutes to get to a nod…

  • It has been some time since I jumped in to check out AO. I jumped on and went to look at setting myself up with a kit just to go mess around and all the icons have been updated and spells are renamed. Which is more or less good I would think that is getting nice updates. Except they are all super cheesy. The graphics are more and more like a phone game and less like a pc game. Giant swinging purple swords, fireballs just look like blobs, the witchwork black hole just looks like a desktop icon th…

  • Not worth the time then.

  • The world needs a good mmo with fun group raids and good group dungeons (not just instanced pvp arenas with cave walls). Did they ever add back good raid areas and nice dungeons?

  • This did nothing for the map. The game still has the worst map in mmo history.

  • Lands Awakened Patch 1 is Here

    Raithe - - News Archives


    I thought the map was getting updated.....this is the same garbage map as its been since release.

  • 1. The map is TERRIBLE please scrap the map and use create a real map or use the nice Galahad map. 2. The game needs PvE. The Dungeons are just garbage in AO. Please scrap these garbage dungeons and create dungeons that are fun to run. 3. The whole 50 on 1 bully PvP is garbage. Please scrap your PvP system and create a new one. Really AO is just badly put together. Maybe scrap it and try again?

  • A bad official decision was game over.

    Raithe - - Rants


    "because there arent many great PVP games out there"? There are loads of really good pvp games out there. Albion Online has multiple pillars that support its core players. Crafting, gathering, farming, pvp, and pve are all major aspects. Even trying to define "Albion's Core" with these things is really showing how limited the perspective is that is making such statements. Though I would certainly posit that crafting, gathering and pve have definitely become really boring on AO since release. The…

  • 1) Wipe game and revert to the beta 2 or Galahad map. 2) Wipe game and revert to the beta 2 or Galahad map. 3) Did the new vid talking about how the map suck actually say its more handcrafted than previous maps? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Maybe wipe the game and revert to the beta 2 or Galahad map.

  • Title says it all. Considered coming back but if its not in steam I really don't play it atm. Just checking.

  • Ray of light

    Raithe - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    Just logged in to check out the state of the game. The ray of light cooldown is way long now it seems. The bow felt like crap. Logged out.

  • Quote from Nataraqui: “Game is no longer playable for me for more than 3 weeks now. Stable ping for about 2-5 mins then suddenly black screen all the time. Every zone you need to either re-log in or have to restart the game. Please advice a fix. ” LOL....LOL......This has been a problem since the early betas.....weird that ppl constantly talk about how bad the stability of the game is atm when its always been terrible.

  • Any movement on fixing the map? Its still pretty pointless to go anywhere, explore anything, or just be out due to the bad copy/paste map, lack of uniqueness, good dungeons, or any spots worth seeing. Was hoping to see more MMORPG instead of more MOBA. The game looks like fortnight with swords.

  • Dungeons

    Raithe - - General Questions & Discussions


    Any plans for real dungeons in albion? Corrupteds, greens, blues, and statics are all overly simplistic, over used, and just poorly designed. Albion needs some pve.

  • A setting to turn these off visibility of the group finder. TBH it would be nice to be able to just remove the floating button entirely. Same with the destiny board popout. They obscure visibility, they are annoying and unwanted. I avoid using the group finder mainly because once I do it sticks off the side of my screen and I can't get rid of it. It ends up attracting my attention and I stare at it instead of my game.

  • Logout on Android client

    Raithe - - Feedback & Suggestions


    the android client logout is very cumbersome. If I am playing on my phone I need to close the app quickly. This does not occur. There is no "close and leave now" button like there is in pc. I don't care that my char is still in for the 10 seconds or whatever ( 10 for me as I would never go in a pvp zone on the phone client...). But when I have to go its annoying to have to use Android system mechanics to force close the app.

  • The timers and loading bars for things such as logout and faction unflagging are not needed in town. They perform no function. They just get in the way. A check should be performed before these timers/bars load up and if in town they are bypassed.