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  • damage hack

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    Quote from KuroYuki: “it also hit me 150 damage per basic ” Read what dual swords E does. 150 per basic in cloth vs cloth under E buff seems legit. Also elite masteries, probably more than on one weapon/armor item - he's got pretty high avg IP for 4.3 cape and 6.1 rest (on my 6.1 excellent set i get around 1360 ip, and i have all my items at 700 mastery) - weapon is probably close to 1500 ip for him i would guess

  • As someone who played Eve for 10+ years, idk. For me it feels eve is barely even a game compared to albion, despite all the problems albion has. CDs? Yeah, the experience is miserable, but ironically still better designed than old 1v1 proving grounds (remember those? like 3 people played them in the end, one of them was my corp mate) Mists are kind of misguided attempt at providing fair solo environment, further twisted by the way players act (not a big surprise). Still can be played with the ri…

  • Oh it makes sense if they actually want to remove weapon from play Was a good run anyway

  • It's shit mobility tho, more of a ability

  • Quote from Captainrussia: “thats a huge DMG nerf, isn't it? ” Yep, the fact that E itself dealt decent burst while you could keep reapplying 4 stacks while target is unable to press any button, made it so strong. Together with CC length adjustments it's a pretty severe nerf. Stack removal specificaly is what people advocated a lot here, for months.

  • Quote: “Anguished Soul (Demonic Staff) - Now consumes all Vile Curse Charges on the enemy ” Oh well, there you go (that's from new NDA)

  • To add to previous post: blue chest red boss gives 4 times more fame (we got around 1.5 mil each in 6 man group). Another thing: drone mobs keep respawning while you are clearing the site.

  • Dual swords: - Auto Attack Buff Damage Increase: 50% → 100% Ingame tooltip says it's 50% for 3s now Actual damage increase is indeed 100% - tooltip is wrong

  • Quote from Trial_hard: “Just undo the above, done ” I feel there is a much simplier counter revert (for 1h curse that is). Not so long ago they made bomb uncleanseable. Before that merc hood worked pretty well - accounting for bomb delay with cleanse low cd you could cleanse 2-3 Es in a row Revert that and it becomes much much easier.,

  • Quote from Gunsnroses: “literally 0 counterplay ” Off the top of my head: - Full mitigation: cleric cowl, soldier helmet, mistcaller jacket, parry strike W on swords - Partial mitigation: res pot, any ability that gives resistances (hunter hood, R2 on leather, spear reflect), guardian helmet Yeah, you kinda need to kill it until 3rd rotation tops (sometimes even until second rotation, which is not much time to work with) The real problem is 1h curses like to engage when you already spent your de…

  • Quote from BurnsidePDX: “Without a mount you realize how vulnerable one is if they have to use their boots to chase to catch up to someone else on the edge of the screen. You may run right into a pack of people who have their boots that you had no idea about about. You don’t know because you can’t scout. ” How vulnerable is someone who only has boots vs someone who has 1-3 mobility skills built into their weapon? Couple days ago w0n (8.4 deathgivers) ran away from 5 guys (one of them was on clay…

  • double chest opening

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    It happens in statics as well. And with ava road chests iirc. Maybe in some other instances too What happens is: - you click to open chest (with loot) - it opens, then flickers/closes and automatically opens again (all in the span of like 0.5 sec) I suspect this has to do with silver bags being accounted for total value (which was added recently - the behaviour reported started after patch it was added)

  • Quote from PrintsKaspian: “Traveling on foot from Portal City to Outlands w/ debuff → Remove home ” So what about traveling on foot through ava roads? Community manager post on reddit hinted that it will be changed to reflect how it was before Into The Fray, so you can actually enter outlands and not lose home if you entered roads from royals. Was it done, but not mentioned here? If not, will it be done, or was it cancelled?

  • So you can't just mindlessly bully everyone with cookie cutter setup, and have to pick your engagements now, or adjust your tactics, like everyone else. So sad, so sad! Quote from doissantos: “Many others weapons can't be reflected ” No need to make shit up. Of all popular weapons in mists only 1h curse bomb can't be reflected.

  • Mobs near HideOut

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    Well, kill the mobs?

  • It was primarily aimed at guild play in outlands. You can get plenty might doing objectives there. Not nececcarily a big guild. Right now might is easy to get solo in mists, probably too easy. I personally did 90k yesterday in couple of hours. One streamer i saw did 350k in a day since season start.

  • Quote from Midgard: “Quote from Schmellow: “Are you going to address this one further? ” Its working as intended. This was a deliberate change ” Well, apparently they are going to change it closer to what was before Into The Fray according to reddit post…_feedback_thread/j0cq3f5/

  • Also SBI is like: we finally nerfed prestacking in CD. Now we buff a spear that does not rely on stacks. And make dual swords to not rely on stacks either. Also it's an aoe claymore now.

  • Quote: “The small camps will be dedicated to solo players and small groups ” Hope those will be tuned to be actually doable solo. Right now even duos struggle: for orange boss you really need a tank to pull aggro from healer (so at least 3), and for red you also want more damage dealers because there is 80+k hp to go through while dodging sword spam.

  • That's interesting if that's the case. I'd say frost should be "every second fight", but i didn't play much after Beyond the Veil. I actually did statistics on my fights from summer up to october (fetched from murderledger). Demonic WAS in fact super popular straight after rework (top 3 contact frequency after claymore and warbow), but then fell off massively. If anything, it's harder to play now that everyone runs hunter hood. Something like triple reflect spear is a bitch to fight against, and…