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  • You enjoy what they did to roads?

  • Quote from Tabor: “Ok I admit perhaps removing mounts is a little hardcore for some people's tastes. How about getting some sort of full heal upon killing another player in Mists while dealing the most damage on said player. This again rewards the people taking the risk fighting and discourages the mounted rats from following fights around. Many potential great fights are getting stalled due to mounted vultures hanging around. ” bloodletter mains would cream

  • Quote from Noreaga: “i am not interested in the mists nor did i think it was needed. I was ok with it because i have always thought adding more content so people can do what they want was a good idea. Then you went ahead and did the opposite, how on earth did you think that removing content from something would go over well... i must of typed up 20 drafts trying to put my frustration into words. TLDR: me upset about loss of content and roads not being fun anymore. Me no care about mists, me want…

  • Roads=lethal blue zone

  • Quote from slizzard: “Okay, but realistically if you make this better than just straight up blackzone rewards then they kill the blackzone content. ” Roads actually are way more balanced that open world, most of the time roads have fair fights, meanwhile open world is pretty much unbalanced fights and rats on your ass. Portal zones are dead now coz there are no good rewards besides avalonian statics which are hard to find anyway and also keep it open

  • Quote from TheSlayer: “Did you guys forget this patch also did a big update to Roads which is being equally poorly received as the mists changes? ” They did not forget, people are grilling them bcz of those ass changes to roads

  • Quote from k993dy: “image.png Make gold price higher ? Done Make Mist like a shit ? Done Make Group Dungeon have a lot of ganker ? Done Make Quarterstaff's blow up be a trash ? Done image.png Make market have a lot of bug ? Done Let Caerlon's Potion Maker lost every thing ? Done Make Player more and more want to leave this game ? Done SBI lied player update will release on 11/21 but actually release on 11/20 ? Done Update isn't Completely and bait player farm Brecillien point which can get nothi…

  • Reroll babes, reroll, you did it with fame bug u can do it this time and it's even worse, plenty of bugs and other things that need to be fixed. Go back to the office and give players the proper update they needed

  • 1. Add more high tier avalonian zones 2. Make avalonian artifacts only lootable in avalonian zones/mists 3. Let us buy avalonian artifacts in brasilien city with brasilien standing/tokens 4. Avalonian dungeons (maps) should be opened in avalonian roads and should spawn there 5. Add more 20 man portals (have they been removed? Add them back. 6. remove any objectives besides hellgates from hideout zones in avalonian roads 7. Buff fame from avalonian roads, back in the day they gave the best fame p…

  • Why devs didn't add more tier t6-8 after update? Most of the good content is there even t6 feel useless sometimes. Roads rn feel so out of place, no objectives, players resetting static dungeons in roads, spawn time of those dungeons is way too long, nothing special about roads anymore since the royal and black continent overhaul. The only special thing about roads are avalonian statics but u still can spawn those with a map in black zone so the gimmick is lost anyway. Roads have so much potenti…

  • Quote from Karu: “people aren't even mentioning the roads....which are somehow more empty than before. What the actual fuck happened lmao. ” Feels like they did the bare minimum with the update, was hoping for better roads since its one of the fun forms of exploration in this game

  • Great arcane was the same as before the rework the E ability didnt change at all, there are just more ppl playing it as anti engage tool.

  • Dev Talk: Development Update

    yaaseth - - News


    Quote from SpicyPepper: “So only 1 person can go through mist portal, but there's an entire city in that mist, where 20 men gank group can live happily together in there. I hope that there will be mechanics in place to prevent 20 men hunting party living in that Mist City together and go out together every day. ” When leaving the mist city your locating should be random in the roads to prevent city camping. Lets hope SBI somehow manages to fix it. Coz being in group always have advantages.

  • Dev Talk: Development Update

    yaaseth - - News


    Quote from Robinhoodrs: “Quote from VseOtlichno: “Quote from Trial_hard: “Grouping disabled? ” If we draw conclusions from the trailer - the groups are enabled ” 'The Mists' = solo 1v1v1v1vPvE style gameplay by the looks of it, as when you enter a Mists portal anyone using the same portal as you won't be placed in the same area as you. So finding your friends within the Mists would be extremely hard, as I'd expect a large number of these zones to be in the game. 'The Roads' = What we currently h…

  • Risk vs reward at its finest, dont complain all of you knew damn well it wasnt a "feature".

  • Cape cooldown in arena

    yaaseth - - Bugs


    Cooldown on all capes should be reset when joining a new arena match

  • Annoying to play against, and any self heaing leaves room for failure for the user. Meanwhile the enemy without any healing cant fail as much.

  • Quote from pesadelo: “Quote from yaaseth: “Dont let people use journey back after they looted a body. This change should focus on pve players that want to play solo. ” Bro stop it I need my crafting alt to suicide so that my main get it with a mammy in terrie X and portal back to town , 30% loss still makes me profit. Think of the small people will ya? ” ok

  • Quote from solventh: “Quote from yaaseth: “Dont let people use journey back after they looted a body. This change should focus on pve players that want to play solo. ” what else do you want to be removed? lets remove pvp altogether, shall we! ” stop being a cunt to everyone

  • Dont let people use journey back after they looted a body. This change should focus on pve players that want to play solo.