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  • Quote from Embelia: “Are you an ironic contrarian or a corporate bootlicker? b-but it makes them more money... How does that benefit you? ” Neither, I'm a realist. Companies will always try to make money, to expect them not to is naive at best and idiotic at worst. Quote from Embelia: “Lots of players are leaving your server, effectively quitting the game. ” Source for this required please? Quote from Embelia: “On top of that it's a fresh-start server making it even more attractive. Albion Class…

  • As someone who spends a significant part of my day elbow deep in SQL servers - heh. Are you telling me they are storing these names in a datatype that doesn't support punctuation? What possible other reason could there be for not allowing it I'd love an actual technical explanation for this, were one available.

  • Quote from Midgard: “Quote from oMagister: “Better alternative to Asia Server I suggest that maps have their own servers in the location corresponding to your Time Zone. For example: Time zone maps that favor Asians have their own servers in Asia, same thing for Europeans, Americans and so on. ” That ship has sailed. The new server is a done deal .....theyve gone the money route instead ... unsurprisingly for Stillfront. ” "Company wants to maximise income" extra extra read all about this shocki…

  • Question : Does <Company> just want to make money??? Answer : Yes Literally the only reason any company does anything is to make money. Hi and welcome to capitalism 101.

  • 1. used to be good for this, but seems slightly busted at the moment. 2. Tools do have quality, specifically Fishing Rods, whose quality determines how fast the little bobber moves in the minigame.

  • Quote from SneakyRaphy: “if I can say some comment on the game .. and why my friends and I stop playing it …. i really enjoyed playing the game, grinding for hours and hours until I get to t5… the bad side of the game start… the pvp side come and the fun go away… try to grind ..die.. try to have fun and die… what a waste of time… the game was so nice! market! graphic, mechanic , gameplay … but the red and dark zone ruin the fun time.. no more couch grinding on phone or tablet… always looking if …

  • This page pings various Google Cloud servers for you and lets you see your ping. For me from the UK I get ~360 to their Singapore server.

  • Quote from Daerlen: “I think drops have to be restricted to official creators only, because that way it will maintain the quality of broadcasts, videos and gameplays. If you don't do this, there will be many weak and unprofessional content creators. ” Have you seen the ways some of the "official" content creators act?

  • Pure DPS doesn't generate much threat, so multiple dpsers can trade thread back and forward. In addition, something as simple as you missing your Q can cause a large dip in the actual damage output you're doing, so your friend might actually be outdpsing you.

  • Hi, This bug seems to still be occurring, figured I'd pop in another bug report since its changed since the last time I reported it. Previous report here : Bank Tab Naming Issues - Bugs - Albion Online Forum Basically previously under certain specific circumstances you could break your client to the point that you could use punctuation when naming bank tabs. Now, however, I cannot seem to use punctuation in bank tab names at all. I have a naming scheme for my bank tabs (1. Pots and Food, 2. DPS …

  • Hi, Nothing in that crash log indicates any issue with Albion - can you post any excerpts from your Event Viewer around the time of the system crash? Of particular interest would be any "Error", "Warning" or "Critical" events. Thanks

  • Quote from unsprezece11: “I did not choose to renew my subscription and I did not know purchasing this bundle does this. However it did and the sub I thought I had cancelled back in October was AUTOMATICALLY renewed a few minutes ago. ” Every pack you buy that includes game time also starts a sub. This is true of pretty much every MMO on the market. Also if you petition and complain you'll likely get a refund if the sub is only recently renewed.

  • Quote from JonahVeil: “Quote from Shadowbrick: “Hello everyone. With the creators program celebrating its first anniversary last month and us currently reviewing the results of the "Twitch Drops for all" trial that ended yesterday, we're reviewing the creators program as a whole as well. Therefore we're currently not adding any new creators. You are of course still free to apply and we will update you once we decided on how to proceed with the program. Thank you for all your interest so far thou…

  • Yes, you lose everything on that character if you delete it. What you could potentially do is make a second character, start a guild, invite the second character and put all the items on a guild island chest. The second character can then pick them up. Obviously this is only for the tradeable items.

  • As description. Have tried naming chest tabs as : 01. Weapons 02. Armor etc. I have tabs 1 - 3 named in this way. Tab 4 will not allow me to add punctuation to the name.

  • Can't mount next to killed resource mob

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    Quote from Nya1: “Just like the title say, I can't mount when I kill a resource mob and stand near it while I gather. Before being able to mount I have to move around a bit and then I can mount. Whenever I try to mount the bar just disappears half way and I have to redo it. Second time today that I die to it, both times in Roads. Please do something about it. Edit: After I kill it immediately, then, I can mount as usual. After a while of gathering same resource mob, the spirits/aspects, then thi…


  • SBI might allow you to do this but only with a ticket. The forums won't be able to help.

  • SBI can't help with EAC issues. Easy Anti-Cheat is used by many many publishers for many many games. If you are 100% sure its EAC causing the issue the only help you can get is from them.

  • They have said they are going to fix it, its just not high priority. Just play some other weapon while its broken.