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  • Quote from TheSlayer: “Quote from SneakyRaphy: “if I can say some comment on the game .. and why my friends and I stop playing it …. i really enjoyed playing the game, grinding for hours and hours until I get to t5… the bad side of the game start… the pvp side come and the fun go away… try to grind ..die.. try to have fun and die… what a waste of time… the game was so nice! market! graphic, mechanic , gameplay … but the red and dark zone ruin the fun time.. no more couch grinding on phone or tab…

  • Rewards are still bad

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    Quote from Gratinus: “The roads need more rewards, the chest are still pretty bad for the time it takes you to clear a field. It's all very expensive and it's taking people out of the game, we need more rewards! ” I've basically quit the game now because of the terrible gamestate and wont be coming back until the developers realize that the loot and rewards are bad and nerfing the economy every single patch is actually making the game worse, and that a lot of the content in the game is either 1:…

  • the developers need to wake up or im going to quit too. For the record my grivances are completly different from the OPs.

  • Quote from Captainrussia: “got any proof on your #'s or just talking out of your ass? PS. I've always pushed for solo PVP and solo content - and its worked amazingly for this game and this company. ” I dont have any specific numbers but I have noticed a large drop in players.

  • Quote from Bogul: “FYI I ran about 15 accounts for the first 3-4 years and they paid for themselves and then some. I'm sort of concerned that we are getting to a point where this may soon no longer be an option. ” Just out of curiosity, Were you able to see this coming for a while now? I would like to think that I am not the only one who did. It's not just crafting alts either. Money making opportunities in general in the game are disappearing.

  • ive caught a lot of people red handed breaking the ToS before and i report them when i see it but nothing ever gets done so.

  • Ganking Round table

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    Quote from Foxyy_: “- they messed up roads in so many ways I don't even wanna talk about it; ” Oh man you can say that again. Roads used to be a great place for solos and small guilds and were just so alive with activity. The way they take great ideas and content and then slowly ruin them over time baffles me. It's almost like they are intentionally sabotaging their own game.

  • Quote from Kinggeo7: “Quote from jad0: “You won't earn silver on PvE in The Mists, this is mainly PvP content ” Man I am Main PVPer From beta ...And is the first time that the pvp doesn't have any rewards . If you think pvp is wait 5 people around one wisp waiting for the 2 people to start the fight so the other 3 can kill them afterwards,then sorry but you got it wrong. And without gear you won't be able to play PvP , that's were silver and drop Loot comes. Do you have any other content that yo…

  • Quote from jad0: “You won't earn silver on PvE in The Mists, this is mainly PvP content ” Many other games have gone down that road. Only caring about pvp chads, everyone else be damned. They all fail. What you want will cause the game to fail. PvE Players HAVE to be well looked after otherwise the game WILL die.

  • Facebreaker is strong, and Aegis is great for transporting. Unfortunately what kills both items is the fact they are expensive, especially facebreaker.

  • Cursed staff is not Overpowered. The reason its being used so much is because of Hunter hood.

  • Quote from Midgard: “Quote from GODPURE: “you realize it is sync... not sink ” Its sink. Stop embarassing yourself even further. ” Be nice, English is not everyone's first language, and is a very tricky. Quote from GODPURE: “Quote from Midgard: “Quote from GODPURE: “you realize it is sync... not sink ” Its sink. Stop embarassing yourself even further. ” it's sync... gamers nowadays be dumb as hell lol ” Synch is an abbreviation, not a word. It's short for Synchronization which means to coordinat…

  • In general I think these high market taxes need to go away and be moved to something else. High market taxes destroy the in game market as a tool for players to buy things by incentivizing players to trade between themselves and on discords. Quote from Mandulf: “Quote from GODPURE: “since SBI ruined gold/silver prices... they need to remove and fix certain silver syncs in the game... ” Sync? FYI: I think you mean 'sink', like one of these:…33ef960bb622bbd9cb04a4a2e…

  • Premium silver

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    Quote from Nya1: “If silver bonus from premium was removed, how do you think it would impact the game? ” It would kill HCE and have a profoundly negative impact on the market for high end crafted items. A lot of people would get hurt by it. Right now Premium already doesn't really provide enough value for what it costs at least in my opinion, so removing stuff from it would only make it less attractive, anger the player base, and overall hurt the game.

  • Quote from Mandulf: “Quote from EBN: “To me logging in every day, doing the same thing over and over again is just not worth the time and effort anymore. ” Sounds like good news for people without crafting alts! Less crafting competition on the market from all the people with many crafting alts means that people with just a single account can craft more profitably on their mains. ” makes the economy much easer for cartels and the ultra wealthy like Doublebacknv to control and manipulate. Its not…

  • Best way to fame farm?

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    Quote from Chiefkeith: “Open world mobs. ” This. Statics can be okay too if you have good gear and spec, but open world roaming is one of if not the best fame farm in the game.

  • State of Albion Online end of 2022

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    Quote from Shadowbrick: “Quote from Allmast3r: “MODs and GMs are abusing mute powers to basically excomunicate players for the stupidest dumbest reasons, like MUTING FOR HATE SPEECH FOR OVER A WEEK on a basis of stupid JOKES and basically SBI is tryharding to push away any Albion players that cant buy gold and dont have friends. ” Hey there! Thanks for your feedback. We understand that not everyone likes changes made to the game, weapons, skills etc and we always look into addressing the feedbac…

  • We definitely need some more open discussions going on where the developers and CMs are replying. There is a lot of problems in the game right now, and it often feels like we are just talking at them rather than talking to them. Even if we cant always agree with each other, having that communication is good and would do a lot for helping to drive positivity.

  • Quote from GODPURE: “locking .4 nodes to ZvZ content might be the dumbest thing ever (fire who ever thought of that idea for .4)... just toss it into the % table of spawn rate just like .1 .2 .3 AND DO NOT SHOW IT ON THE MAP... this is just another sad ass content locked to ZvZ and benefits only massive guilds, this does not help anyone besides big guilds, it's bad enough high nodes now also show what .0 .1 .2 .3 it is on the map (which was another dumb update) also can we get a damn quality of …

  • If you are fighting someone having people their party in general is a crappy experience, regardless of where it happens. Bring the long hostile dismount to the rest of the game please. Dismounting next to someone who is activly fighting puts you on a 15-20 second cooldown.