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    Quote from Mandulf: “Quote from StabbyMcCrabby: “Someone just needs to rip off the graphical style and make PVE game. ngl I would play it. I am a sucker for well rendered 'low poly' since For the King (which isn't nearly as pretty as Albion). ” Have you tried RuneScape? When I first heard about Albion (from EVE reddit, about how it was so similar to EVE), when I looked at it, the first thing that came to mind was how it looked so very similar to the graphical style of RuneScape. A medieval fanta…

  • As with a good handful of end-game players, we usually only log on for Outlands ZvZ with our guild, once or twice a day. ZvZ comes from Territory Launches/Defending Last Hideout Shields/Castles New comers shouldn't feel threatened, most guilds offer full regears for deaths during these ZvZ activities. You get to engage in large scale wars with high-IP gear funded by your guild, what more would you want?

  • Great Arcanes are almost as damaging to ZvZ as bedrock maces were before the knight helmet buffs AoE Crowd Control without accessible counterplay is bad for the game, in all it's forms.

  • 1. An Area-of-Effect ability for the W-ability slot of Crossbows. 2. I'd like to see a second Crossbow W-slot Area-of-Effect ability, that isn't Caltrops 3. I'd like to see the ability Caltrops moved to the Q-slot and reworked into a real W-slot AoE ability.

  • Quote from LadyDaisy: “Totally Agree, ever since Stillwater took over Sandbox, they company has continued to run the game into the ground. They want you to buy silver. They have no care of your time investment into the game. ” Swedes love their gold, at ANY cost Some things just never change, in Carlyle Group/Tencent we trust! EoC here we come!

  • Quote from Mandulf: “Quote from MxKHD: “Getting to 100 spec is incredibly easy compared to how it was even 4 months ago and even more so than 12 months ago. Does that explain my angle a bit more? ” Maybe that was changed to be more easy on purpose? I started playing this game about 4 months ago. While I understand that some level of grind is necessary to keep players engaged for a longer time, the necessary grind in Albion before players can compete in PvP is the main drawback of the game for me…

  • If Ava Roads can now place Headquarters, the OPEN-WORLD Black Zone NEEDS to incentivize reasons to launch on territories. Active ZvZ was the biggest silver sink in Albion before Headquarters got introduced, now that the Ava Roads can place HQ's, there is no reason for the open-world Black Zone to follow suit. Risk Vs Reward, remember?

  • Quote from MageWarrior: “dude hahahaha its crazy how no one is happy with this game we moved to a hardcore mmo to a mmo with a lot of game modes that split the player base instead of making them interact with each other. only a mobile company that make games for kids could do something like that. bizarre how albion got literally 0 respect in the real mmo community due to this poor mentality from 10 years ago. ” Preach! They'd fragment their community a million times over before having them inter…

  • Quote from Liavor: “Hello dear developers, I've been playing the Albion online game for free for months. I would like to receive regular premium both to contribute to you and to take advantage of opportunities. However, since the dollar rate is very high in our country, it has become very difficult to get premium. The monthly minimum wage in our country is 5,500 TL, which makes 295 US dollars. Users naturally do not want to pay 4% of their salary for premium. If you set the premium price for use…

  • Quote from VseOtlichno: “Please check if there is a mistake in the reward for Weakened Wisps. Why do wisps in a t6 zone give the equivalent value of might and favor, like for a vortex in the outlands? But this is group content. You must have group, hold the territory. A random solo player in a flat t5 set will get more than every member of the group that carries the vortex to the territory. Over the weekend I found a legendary wisp in t7 location. I completed the weekly conqueror challenge in 5 …

  • Quote from Quagga: “ looks like SBI is designing the game for rats.... ” Correction, SBI is designing the game for MOBILE SOLO RATS. Stillfront monetization baring it's ugly teeth Thank god Unreal Engine 5 titles will finally put Albion to rest ...Stillfront took out the "Massively" from MMORPG in Albion. The Mists are an excuse to not add another update or patch the rest of their broken game for a whole year. Why? Because they'll still be patching up the bugs/issues in Mists of course! Besides,…

  • I'd like to request taming down Battlemount's effectiveness in open world. Create an incentive to NOT stack as many Crowd-Control oriented Battlemounts as possible, My suggestion is to add a higher Disarray debuff to "active" battlemounts, Of course, any change to tame down how many battlemounts are seen in PvP will always be nice.

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    Quote from The_Support_God: “I feel pain playing bow line except long bow that one feels good ” Siegebow getting identical treatment as Longbow will help tide things through ZvZ until the full rework goes live too

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    All the remaining Hunter Line Legacy Weapons that have not received a full rework yet! Looking at you Crossbow/Bow! Playing new content with an unreworked class is punishment.

  • Hunter Line rework should take care of touching up the remaining "Legacy" weapon lines left for a rework. Giving SIegebow the Longbow treatment was definitely the right play to give crossbows some breathing room in ZvZ until said Hunter rework slowly starts taking shape.

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    The Age of CC is over. The Time of the Zerg is now.

  • I'm glad that Crystal League, an instanced game mode where a tournament can't even begin without unbanning perm'd Crystal League RMT'ers, is the sole point of focus for ALL PvP balance in a single server open-world MMORPG. What % of the player base actively queues into Crystal League to justify being the top priority in game balance? It can't be that high, especially considering you're unbanning former PERMANANTELY BANNED CRYSTAL LEAGUE RMT'ERS, just so enough teams can fill up slots to even sta…

  • Quote from Quagga: “Quote from The_Support_God: “@Quagga and @Trial_hard i dont know how you view round table but its not as it seems we rarely do Item/weapon balance up there we normaly talk about game state and potential ideas to solve them. like last season's rats issue or the devs simply bounce ideas around top season G leaders and some people who are Top of their class in X content on upcoming ideas in development at the start of their life cycle they dont share leaks to people in round tab…

  • Two shinies in a row? RNGesus has smiled down upon us today Welcome =)

  • Welcome, 1. NesNes mentioned she'd make a new Round Table thread, after locking the old one a handful of months ago. 2. More updates on the public NDA Balance Test thread, they used to be edited every two weeks, then a new post every two months, and the latest NDA change was only posted well after the patch going live. 3. Remaining Legacy Weapon-line Rework Timeline - Holy/Nature/Fire/Curse/Frost/Arcane all got massive reworks & much needed quality of life changes to put them back into line. Whe…