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  • would love to know if anyone uses stone skin unironically. Havent found it to be any good personally, although the buff does last a long time.

  • Having the DoT apply the full damage over a shorter time frame gives less time to react so the damage should be lower overall. That being said I dont even try to understand most of their balance changes.

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    Quote from “Bump because this issue will also effect the new Living Armor (Great Nature) changes (it will now only heal on direct damage taken) also almost this post's 1yr anniversary ” happy birthday to this post. Just bring back all instances of damage allowing heal. The limiting # of ticks and window to heal helps balance across different weapon lines.

  • Quote from Quagga: “why no tank weapon have Q as a mobility ?? ” Well, quarterstaff has cartwheel technically. But agreed, mobility on Q abilities is too much.

  • Quote from “Quote from Quagga: “Quote from “and buff ice shard back, it was the whole identity of frost and basically the only cast speed build left ” I heavily disagree, there was no weapon in the game that was able to trade with frost even with res pot vs non res pot frost Q spam.. ” and it was completely tome/scholar robe reliant. and needed heavy mana sustain.just don't standstill trade in the short (compared to other rdps) 13m range, like an NPC - frost is purely susta…

  • Quote from jad0: “Group claps with ivis pots & assassin jacket, this needs attention, imao... ” This is great for PvP fame, but if your goal is to leave with loot... tough luck

  • It seems like spears maybe just need a rework on what spirit spear does. if the value is too high, it gains way too much value in solo and small scale content. If you nerf it you affect the playstyle without providing compensation buffs and thus it becomes weak in most content (especially 5+). Outside of ultra small scale content spears are E reliant. W flexibility is good in 1v1 scenario but value diminishes greatly in other content. You're practically limited to harpoon and impaler in 5+. I th…

  • Spear has been pretty much in the same place for a long time. SBI fails solidify its niche in Albion content and keep trying to make it available in all content but bring it in line with other weapons. Why can't it just keep its niche specialty (solo, very small scale) and emphasize that? I think the spirit spear nerfs take away this specialty. Look at the stacking spear ability also, does anyone use this except for Trinity spear users anymore?

  • Quote from GreenWizard987: “Quote from PaladinJavier: “yes, You are right about pike. Since this weapon has no movement or range enough in Open world should be the de facto spear for PVP/corrupted dungeon. Yes, heron spear for group fights. Should be stronger now for compositions but not that strong with the 25 secs cooldown and the tricky shot not easy to use. Would still be steps behind demon fang imo but gotta test it yet. ” We have a 75% res pen on dagger and dagger pair. They are purely sin…

  • I really don't care much for HCE's, and I know that many members of the Albion community resent instanced combat, but this is going to hurt the Royal Sigil economy BAD. It has already been affected by the past few changes causing less players to play in HCE's. If these changes are going to continue, I think Royal Sigil farming needs to be readdressed, or many builds that were previously reliant on Royal armor will have to be readdressed.

  • 60% penetration refers to resilience penetration, not armor penetration. This has no effect in very small scale or 1v1 scenario.

  • Quote from The_Support_God: “resist shread is a much more dangerous and problematic mechanic to balance when compared to flat out huge damage numbers when we look at Resist shread Regular bow, damnation staff and carving sword all have relevance in their category at one point because resist shread not only affects your damage but damage of your whole team i say this is because this because the existance of 1h curse, dual daggers, brim stone which all share an average damage of over 2k base damag…

  • I can always rely on you to have this information readily available. Thanks, I was not even considering PvE but that is a major part of where Holy carries much more value.

  • Quote from Hattenhair: “Quote from DirtySentinel: “Depends on content. In small group content you see Blight used and in organized 5s you see druidic used, both effectively. ” Adding both Wild and Rampant as ZvZ staves, both of which are pretty good in that regard.Yet, that's 4 staves out of the 7, and we're not even talking about Q and W spells. Thorns? - garbage. Mushrooms? - garbage. Revitalise? - garbage to such a degree that you can't even use it in PvE. PoN - usable in some scenarios, but …

  • Depends on content. In small group content you see Blight used and in organized 5s you see druidic used, both effectively.

  • Quote from Tabor: “Plate whispering bow is also cancer. Knockback shot hits you across the screen and slow from frost shot is nutty. ” How would you rate this versus the Mercenary Jacket whispering? I haven't even seen plate whispering!

  • New Mercenary Jacket Interactions

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    Again, I think the best suggestion is to bring back the ability for DoTs to contribute, but keep the reduced duration and # of ticks. This allows both high attack speed / rapid fire abilities AND dots to benefit. Everyone happy.

  • Against fire, or kiters in general, you have Shadow Edge as a tool to get past fire walls quite easily. The problem with fire isnt fire wall, it is the ridiculous range of the Q3 that allows them to poke you down to 2/3 or even 1/2 health before you even get a chance to retaliate. THEN they firewall you.

  • Quote from ViniciusSanctus: “Quote from The_Support_God: “health scaling is quite insane when matched with Solo play because most weapons in this game do not have innate healing in their kit with exceptions like axe and spear line. spear line autos with 3 spear spirit actually "heals" increasing the values on "healing received reduction" modifier would be fine ” Thing is potions and lifesteal wont get affected as ppl said, this should be addressed imo xD ” Technically the potion healing is reduc…

  • I find it ironic that healing is reduced with taproot, yet because healing potion is %hp, it still heals for more due to the increased health. Health stacking is pretty strong in solo gameplay... the introduction of puremist snapper makes it even more ridiculous.