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  • You'll have to watch on youtube, if it doesn't load. [url][/url]

  • This bug is currently being exploited in fights as we saw in our last fight. Per the tooltip, Mythical Web should only purge move speed buffs. However, it is purging all buffs including armor buffs, new spells casted (ex. arcane shield) in the web if a movement speed buff shoe is activated at the same time, ex. Hunter Shoes. See video. Another example, If Arcanes are using Hunter Shoes and is caught in the web, they cannot cast shields or any buffs to allies in the web as it will get purged.


  • AIeIlE5QtucGAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC Can this get acknowledge at least?

  • Ever since updates dropped, killboards have been seeing delays. Been creeping up to a full 24hrs, now it's nearly 48 hrs. nSoUiiyoWSgUiiyoWSgUiiyoWSgUiiyoWSgUiiz8A3j1l7EyeNdxAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC

  • Logs on chest are not working.

    Rhaegaryn - - Bugs


    @Amoebius76 Do you mean that if I take out more of the same items, it won't get logged until the previous deposits are logged? For example, I deposit 50 x t8 soldier armor, but I need to keep 10 actually. That 10 I remove won't get logged coz I did it within the 2 mins? That explains why I can never get a proper count of inventory if the logs are missing this within 2 mins.. See my picture for my discrepancy where I put 1 robe back in the bank tab but doesn't show it. When you pull the logs and …

  • I already posted: Ranking of members in Guild Might list is bugged

  • We are both using the same client, non-Steam. (I also just updated mine and reinstalled as well). My screenshot is the most recent version as it is at Lvl 4. My guildmate is at Lvl 3 screenshot but he has higher might showing on his list. This is what I see on my screen: missing my own rank and list is random subset every time I scroll down, it refreshes…9036babeefe6fae64f22e9070 My guildmate has a different view:…9036babeefe6fae64f22…

  • Every time you scroll down in the rank section of Guild Might (example PVE Outlands/Roads) to see which members have contributed, the list changes each time and number as well like it's a random pick of any players in the guild. I thought it was a continuation, but it isn't as the numbers can go from 0 then next scroll down again, it starts at 3, next scroll down it starts at 1, then back to 8 or whatever. Pretty much just random.

  • I was about to flip my desk when I found out... after I did hundreds of chests. Please hotfix!

  • Strange Vanity Textures Bug

    Rhaegaryn - - Bugs


    I am also seeing this on my char. Even after removing the vanity items my char is bugged that has various item images combined like the tip of a wildstaff and some red orb.. Etc. It happens both on Pc and mobile. My alt chars appear fine as they have no vanity items.