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  • Curse is not a strong weapon, and you guys keep nerfing it and buff sword. God damn, you guys a genius, if you guys really hate curse weapon, just delete I have no idea how curse can win any weapon in this patch

  • Albion Online is Coming to Asia!

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    SBI, you make skill balance like shit i dont care, but why you guys make this shit? You guys just gonna kill youself, separate the players to 2 servers, then PVP players cant find content in the whole day, then they only start to online in the active time, after that no one gonna play albion any more. As a asian player, We never hope we get a Asia Server, the things we hope is SBI can improve their server port and decrease asian player PING Asia server gonna be like 99% farmers ngl This is the b…

  • sounds good, more drama and Anime coming lol

  • cant agree more, this weapon is fxcking sick

  • Quote from PrintsKaspian: “Removed option to /suicide after being knocked down by mobs in Corrupted Dungeons, as intended ” Looks good, hope it works

  • Im main at cursed 700/700 Looking for a 100% content PVP guild, I want to mainly focus on crystal fight/ HG, ganking will be sub content Im active at 02~15utc Language: EN/TW I Have 0 experience for doing GVG, need someone caarry me plz tell me ur guild active time

  • FIX THE SUICIDE SYSTEM IN CDs get no kill fame problem plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I already lost 50m kill fame this season, they just abuse this system and rush to mobs and suicide there, we cant never get the fammeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • can i beg u guys fix the cdgs suicide problem? Everytime the enemy has low hp and think they can't get the win so they rush to the mobs and let the mobs knockdown him then he sucicde, so winner can never the kill fame from them. It is not fair to the winner, so please fix it like before, let us can have enough time to cut their head, please.

  • I don't know why u guys rise the healing cost reducing but the 8.3 hallowfall still keep bullying the mercenary jacket player, can u guys cancel the nerf? It also make the tombhammer and grailseeker player kill mercenary jacket player more and more easily wtf hello? why the Corrupted Mephit respawn at the map and just let the reset player walk through away and come to attack me? Im just chasing him and want to stop his reset, and the mephit rush to me lol, WHY??? And then, Spike Traps, u guys sa…