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  • The way I see it, most guild doing small scale doesn't have content that actually requires you to be inside of the guild to take part of it. Stay in your guilds discord with good terms, and join another guild looking for people to play with. Be a bridge between different guilds that both need people to fill for things. It's very common for people to make parties that contain 3-4 different guilds inside of them.

  • I hate PvP.

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    Quote from HoneymoonDior: “ As for being alone, I'm in a guild, one of the tops kinda.. but there's barely any chat and it's only for zvz? ” If a guilds lack of chat / community bothers you, find a new guild. Albion you can be doing literally nothing and have a good time if you're spending time with the right people. A lot of people do play the game primarily for economy and community. You can have a good time in Albion without PvP, as long you know what you value from the game. If you feel lone…

  • I'd look into pure tank / pure healer roles, as mixing the play styles is in general pretty ineffective based on the way the game is designed. The mix between heals and tanks in this game would probably be arcane. Shields are basically very temporary heals, and you can play arcane into small groups without creating healing sickness. If you end up playing some sort of plate healer, that's likely best played in larger groups where you already have at least 2 cloth-healers and the healing sickness …

  • Most damage in this game is "snap-shotted" so the damage of the ability will depend on the damage buffs you have exactly at the time of casting. (I believe it's when the cast finishes, but it might also be when the cast starts, personally unsure.) Quote from Xenogensha: “if I activate Royal Sandals and use Blazing Staff's E just before the buff ends, the tornado will do 15% more damage for its entire duration? ” Yup.

  • If lowering risk increases in game activity, it'd be a good change. This would effectively shrink the world in half, which is a good thing because the world is too big to begin with. Albion rarely sees change, so if SBI wants to change core mechanics I'm all here for it.

  • i know there's at least one person reading these posts, since "arena wins" was reverted after the blood sweat and tears of forum warriors. GvG fights is a mechanic that has been removed for about 2 years now? it oughta give up its spot in prime real estate for the character stat page, and should be moved down to the archived stats along the short lived crystal realm.

  • I suppose if you're a group of 5-8 running a single healer clearing outposts, a 4 flat nature running breeze would actively harm your party. Healing sickness doesn't scale past 2 people, so if your party does have at least 2 healers you're unlikely to be harmed by additional weak healers outside of potential for AoE escalation. If it's that big of a problem just flag as Caerleon.

  • channeling chests to open it is definitely a good change. rats are frustrating to deal with and discourage people from bothering with the content. chests are definitely one of the better ways to encourage open world content and I hope they make them spawn more frequently even they'd have to decrease the expected value.

  • Legalized RMT wouldn't be the worst thing for Albion if it wasn't a legal cesspool for an international company. But you don't need to burn down rainforests for the magic of nft/blockchain so people with weak currencies can farm the game to pay rent.

  • I'm not a ZvZer so take with a grain of salt: I don't think lifecurse's job in largescale is to be thrown on claps. I see it more as the old counter engage locus that was focused on denying enemy damage buffs and runs rather than defensive stripping. The CD seems a bit high for it to really be used outside of larger scale content, but if you're running it with plate I think it does fine as a support purge tank like a long cooldown ranged heavy mace. If you're looking to do damage on clumps (sinc…

  • Please add arena-like battlegrounds.

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    yellow zone faction warfare could theoretically be this but i think the zones are too far away, and the info on where things are happening aren't clear enough, and open world mechanics for imbalanced fights tend to fizzle out the content. instanced arena zvz every half an hour, the game would eat that shit up.

  • 15% max health true damage when cursed skull was previously very strong in the meta with even lower % health damage. yeah sure why not. who coulda seen it coming

  • People don't brim in 5v5 10v10 or 20v20, but people wildfire in those formats. ZvZ i'm not as well informed but I'm sure the two can coexist. Wildfire can not bomb over walls and that's pretty big for rdps.

  • Nerf Royal Boots you shit game

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    i mean it comes with the penalty of being interruptible on top of purgeable. counterplay does exist.

  • New Weapons

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    Quote from Lockemup: “there are three new weapon lines coming out (one being wargloves), but not clear if all will be released at same time or not ” Only wargloves and the hands rework are being launched next major content patch. They're promising more trees in the future, but not 3 at once.

  • If your ip is 890 it'll be 890. If its 900, 1000, or 1500, it'll be 900. have fun in lvl 1s.

  • Eye of secrets with lym does the trick for me from my experiences. Frees up the headslot for merc, and you only go dry in the longest possible fights since lym scales off max mana and eye gives a bunch of that too.

  • Toss in a DPS meter training dummy and guild islands might actually be an interesting spot to hang around.

  • I use it as my preferred holy staff for 2vX and 3vX since it's uninterruptable and good single target when combined with blessing. Buffs would definitely be appreciated though but I don't think it's weak, just suboptimal if you're healing four or more people.

  • Quote from Hattenhair: “The catch being, this time it's not done in favour of anything besides increasing the cap just for the sake of increasing it. No new opportunities arise, no drastic changes are being made, it's just fucking numbers going up. ” I think old players needing more fame also means old players being more willing to take newer players fame farming, more chances of open world interaction. Also closing the gap between low and high spec is probably good for the game despite the inve…