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  • Ever tried to play a beat'm up? Everyone talks about how this game is meant to be, are you one of the devs? I dont think so, so piss of. Maybe you should think about what you want to do in this game, if its gathering, join one of the greater guilds or alliances to do so in blackzones, I don't see a problem there. You want PvP, go out there and do it but dont cry about 1v5 just because you are not able to slay them. This is not Diablo. But back to topic. The Problem: Whatever you see as problem t…

  • I remember my time as a healer and it wasnt as hard as I am told by everyone. That is when your team isnt a bunch of retards^^ normaly you dont have to heal anyone but the tank that much. So its like everything, easy if the people you play with are doing their assigned job. Like tanks actualy using tankskills(just wanted to go as damagedealer once, its horrible, no matter which place you take)

  • Its always nice to at least hear of people who actualy know how to play^^ and I know what it is to be healer, I am just mad too

  • thats what I do mostly now, its just awesome how braindead most of the people are. Sometimes I wonder how they are able to breath or get shit done

  • Hello there dear player. I want to tell you guys something about doing expeditions TOGETHER. You are there with random people, they wont have the same idea about how to do things like you. For example the archer I met, all seem to have adhs, if there is no enemy I fight (sometimes even if there is) arrows fly toward the next group. There are several things you should think about befor killing your group and beeing kicked out. First, you want the expedition be done fast and clean. Second, you don…

  • Believe it or not, you dont know if its ddos, so try to use arguments if the anwser is somehow clear to you.