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  • He does know because people already replied about this. The discussion moved on to a 'better' suggestion, opinions on that would be more helpful Because all we got so far is: 2 supporting it by developing + justifying coherent ideas - 1 opposing it by spamming emojis - 2 completely ignoring it by criticizing an old idea instead

  • Game just randomly close

    H4RL4N - - Bugs


    Quote from Mabruck: “Hmm it seems to be indeed linked to EAC - did you guys tried to repair EAC already? Go into the folder where you installed Albion. Click on the "game" Folder. You will find an EasyAntiCheat folder there - click on that. Inside, there is the "EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe" executable. Run it and choose the "Repair Service". If you tried that already and it does not help, I suggest you guys try to contact EAC with your case? ” I did this and have had no furthe…

  • I'm not suggesting you try what has already failed. The different servers would be instanced worlds, yes. It's the social + economic segregation that I believe to be unnecessary. From a mechanical PoV, there are only 2 differences between my suggestion and what's already being done with Albion East: 1) New server has different maps 2) Character + item transfer possible That's it. So on an in-game level, (1) means the other server's maps can be visualized as a 'continent' on the world map, to giv…

  • Of course having maps with different regional pings all jumbled up beside each other was unpopular. That's also the stupidest possible way to implement it. Better suggestion: New Asia continent with all maps hosted on Asia server. Travel between continents through a portal, same as the current system now, except it transfers your character to the other server. Don't say it's impossible or the technology doesn't exist. It's just 2 servers with characters able to log out of 1 and into the other at…

  • Albion Online is Coming to Asia!

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    Albion's founding promise and main unique selling point: "one server, one history, for everyone." It's what drew me to Albion and kept me here, probably many others. So, the first we should've heard about this is a Community Team member making a thread saying "hey guys this is what we're thinking of doing, what do you think?" and then discussing the different alternatives with the community to find the best solution. And to be clear, there are alternatives. People are presenting the situation as…

  • Game just randomly close

    H4RL4N - - Bugs


    I have had this issue infrequently, 3 times in the last month or so. Latest time was a couple of hours ago at 22:02 UTC, 30 December. I was attacking a Yellow Zone faction war outpost and it instantly closed to desktop. No freeze or black screen like with a disconnect, just like a plug had been pulled as though clicking the red X on an internet window. By the time I reloaded the game I was KO'd with 300k repair Windows 10, laptop, official client. My Player log: (Hidden Content) And Player-prev …

  • visual bug inlewsdon hill

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    Here is a wider screenshot so you can see the location better including the position on the minimap graphicbug.png

  • Ohh thank you! There was some good competition, so I'm delighted the judges chose my story Congratulations to the other prize-winners too ~ And of course thank you to the community team for organizing another fun creative contest, and SBI for the prizes to encourage us

  • The Silence of the Shades The shadows seemed darker than usual tonight. The evening sun had sunk below the trees, its dying light draining from the sky. Unease stirred snake-like in Kite’s chest. He risked a sideways glance at Rook, then back to the prize up ahead. The enchanted fiber plant shimmered like a mirage across the grove from them. Glittering blue moths fluttered around it in the gloom, weaving sparkle trails in the dark. Mesmerizing. Inviting. Open…exposed. “Go on, then.” Kite flinche…

  • @Fabrizziou thank you! I'm happy you think it's good~

  • craft mastery level wont move/Stuck

    H4RL4N - - Bugs


    Here is a 1 min video demonstrating this bug: Before-and-after item crafting shows that: spec fame is gained as normal, but mastery fame is not gained.

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  • Ch.10 Harlan follows a rookie and a renegade back into the Red Zone. (Hidden Content)

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  • Ch.9 Universal Soldiers investigate suspicious Heretic activity in Celidon Forest. (Hidden Content)

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