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  • It will run on a HDD. load times will be a little slower. I play on systems without a SSD regularly.

  • So, really, nobody else could have used (claimed) it until the 72 hours had passed so it's pretty safe that it won't be lost. I face a similar situation where I want to move a name to another account.

  • Albion is mostly about PvP but the world of conflict fuels the economy. PvP provides consumption that drives the need for resources. Just like in real life, not everybody is an infantry soldier. There are many ways to play in the world of Albion. Some characters rarely leave their productive and supportive roles in the cities. Because lower tier resources are essential to refine higher ones there will always be a market for green and yellow zone resources for gatherers to provide.

  • I searched back about a year of forum posts an didn't find a definite answer on this. I have characters with islands off cities that I would rather relocate to another city. I know about 'evacuate everything' before demolishing, and getting a new Island or the previous level at the new location for the base price. My question is: Does the character need to have a current premium account to buy the new Island? Or did the initial Island purchase entitle repurchases even if premium has lapsed? Edit…

  • Mobile player island??

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    There was a recently created bug with the latest all platforms release that on the Android version would not let us place new buildings from the Build menu. But it was corrected with an Android-only patch earlier this past week. Are you sure the problem still exists?

  • 8gb not being enough is amazing because on Android it runs perfectly on a cheap 4gb tablet (a $150 Samsung).

  • Purpose in life? - Ingame

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    Explore and adventure in a virtual world in whichever way pleases you.

  • I have played pretty successfully on a Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, which is an 8" $129 tablet. I wouldn't PvP on it, but for gathering up to yellow zone it works really well. I was amazed to discover how good it runs on a cheap non-fruit tablet.

  • On the subject of HCE: There are too many former WoW players who want to repeat their 'go into dungeons and power-level to end-game' pattern here on AO. It doesn't have to work that way. This isn't WoW, and if you think you should just accelerate to end-game with private short cuts you don't 'get' how this world works at all. I am not even a PvP enthusiast (at least not in the 'battle other players' sense, I more enjoy player competition for resources) and I get it that the game isn't a gallery …

  • Quote from Huntana: “Most of your replys about hce's ("good thing they nerfed them" "too big fame for instanced " and etc)are complete garbage, *snipped* BAAAAAAH ” TL, DR That's not a good way to start a discussion on a forum. Didn't you notice there is a special rants category in this forum?

  • Quote from Skarnex: “Man, dont get this post, you are obviously a very casual player - but maybe let the more hardcore people be the judge of it. Those who farm 10million fame for their weapon to max (/200-250k fame on average) is alot of time invested for something the devs decide changes in use and changes to sometimes unplayability. ” I can remember when the hard core players were upset that Learning Points were even introduced into the game. It's probably too late, now that such a pay-to-win…

  • Quote from MissBehave: “Quote from blappo: “Nub trolls go play a game without choices since you admit to always making the wrong ones and have to have refunds to change ur bad choices ” My choices were fine until SBI changed stuff and made them bad. So if SBI can change their mind I want to also... ” You chose a meta then the meta changed beneath your feet. Go buy more LP on a new character. You have 3 char slots for a reason. Or maybe just get good enough that you don't need to play 'the' meta.…

  • Samsung Tab A

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    It works very well now on my Asus ZenPad. But it has 4G of memory, which is a lot more than a Galaxy Tab A. I upgraded from that tablet to the ZenPad because of Albion.

  • I keep seeing people saying 'recover from some of the time they have spent' as a reason to refund LP. LP is the exact opposite of spending time to level up. It's the shortcut deal. It's the opposite of earning your fame and your right to bear the arms and armor that you feel you need to fight successfully. So let's get over this notion that LP refund is necessary 'because of all the time people have spent' on their character. That is the opposite of the truth. I am only playing a non Premium cha…

  • "It isn't a big iceberg, and the ship was designed to be unsinkable."

  • At this point, Albion Online is just about the best immersive 3D rpg you can get on Android. If they put it in the Android app store for $15 they might realize a real mint of revenue. As a mobile game, the PvP elements cool down a little so the server load probably wouldn't even be that onerous. They could ditch the desktop (to balance the play for mobile players), go full-on mobile and realize a fortune. Or maybe fork a Play Store mobile game version off to it's own server so they can gracefull…

  • Quote from ntall1: “Fix game: 1. Remove gathering gear. 2. Move all expeditions out into the world, AND improve/create more open dungeons out in the world. 3. Holy crap, and some fricking lore, and make the world function around it. 4. Use lore to dictate mechanics, instead of rules. (Why are blue zones safe, why is good rep good, and bad rep bad. Holy crap, all this can be explained via lore instead of "because developers said so".) 5. Massive rework to gear and gear progression. Linear tiered …

  • A slippery slide down the slopes to Transmog. So people can stand in town on their vanity mounts wearing their bling. Which is the way to Stormwind?

  • Ultimately it boils down to the fact that LP are pay-to-win and simply shouldn't exist in the game at all. Some people had the foresight to oppose LP when they were introduced. I am slowly crawling forward with a non-premium character though I have no expectation to ever be competetive in the pay-to-win race. Speaking practically, how could SBI pay to keep the servers going without things like LP to entice people to buy Premium? If they rebalanced progression to eliminate the PtW LP system, they…

  • Glad I Got Out!!!

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    Yes, without trolls like you stirring it up, it's a quieter forum. Don't miss your forum avatar a bit.