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  • Hi All staff are good for PVE, just try to find your own preference and do not heal only the Tank, you must heal all the players at anytime. Dont wait 10% life to Heal someone and play again and again with Chaotic party this is a good training, we learn in Chaos. Healing is a long way, take your time to learn in solo/party T4 expedition, dont jump directly in T5/T6/HCE without any experience. Healing is a Team work, players normally do avoid high damage if possible but this exist only in paper, …


  • Hi, Maybe one day someone will understand that the healer must take care of 5 players and catch up other players' mistakes and avoid the monsters, aoe etc Take care of your healer he will return it to you..

  • Hi, If you are a Healer is usefull to see you in group window, because the healer often forgets to monitor his life, always focused on the life team visible in group window. Good day

  • Abusive game mechanics

    Shuups - - Bugs


    Honestly, yes it is fun for five minutes this video and the tactic also used but in the end it reflects the PVP of Albion, 10 vs 1 or the hunt to gatherers, no risk taken this a PVP secured. A game must be amusing for both player, this is not the case here,. some players are looking for recognition of the community for the ability to bother other players. Albion Online the only game we tell you, steal the others to enrich you, a reflection of society probably. Rosalia should try the other side o…

  • Cannot queue expedition

    Shuups - - Bugs


    Hi, Same Problem.. Inside expedition i have get a deconnexion, and after relogin, i can't register to a new expedition, i get always a message ' Already registered for an expedition, Please cancel your registration first !' but i have no 15-minute lockout timer debuff and no UI panel to cancel any registration running. I have try many log off , no change , always the same problem. And this not a 15-minute lockout timer restriction. Thanks for all help

  • Hi, Please replace ZX80 server with a TRS80 please, ok not funny..