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  • Dev Talk: Development Update

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    Quote from Obelis: “There seem to be a lot of questions here so here's some additional info... Quote from Trial_hard: “I really really recommend: no groups, no name tags, no guild tags, no alliance tags outside in mists.. And Friendly fire This is the only option that I can imagine that it works.. And of course no hideouts, hideouts is the opposite of small groups and solo If this happens, 8.3 is no issue...even if there is 5 solo enemy t6 players...they will potentially focus the 8.3 treasure c…

  • Black zone is always about bringing a bigger group. In fact, open world gameplay has always suffered from this since Albion has existed. It has lead to solo players and small groups quitting the game as no content existed for them. The biggest population increase the game ever got was when they introduced Corrupted Dungeons, which allows for players to have fair fights. The biggest population decrease they have had appears (?) to be when they nerfed corrupted dungeon loot, in preparation for the…

  • @trial_hard. Yes, yes, and yes. If they allow grouping of ANY kind, people WILL form groups. I would gladly group with a stranger so that we can 2v1 people.

  • Hello BluesJD. It's very difficult to do solo black zone - I just avoid it altogether. Corrupted dungeons are a good way to get pvp and silver (from killing players). If you are a gatherer it's pretty rough as roads have pretty bad resources (over picked). The good news is there is an expansion hopefully coming in a few months that will give more options to solo players.

  • Dev Talk: Development Update

    John4Th0n - - News


    I agree disabling groups, not being able to heal other players would be important. Otherwise it would be beneficial to group up even with strangers because 2v1 is better than 1v1. One way to hinder groups of friends/guildies is to make a lot of these "mists zones", and have them have non-respawning resources, almost like a dungeon. So once the resources are depleted, people need to leave the zone via 1 man portals, so even if people manage to group up for 1 zone, they cannot continue grouped up.

  • So yeah I was using a keeper cape, which was hiding the animation. I really feel like they need to improve some visuals - iron will being another (turns the player faintly blue which can be hard to notice).

  • Every significant defensive or offensive spell that I know of has a visual. Can you please add a visual for it when it is on the player? I know it shows a tiny purple orb when it is cast, but for how much damage it can cause that is not sufficient. Thank you

  • If you are some anonymous nobody then your opinion doesn't really hold much sway. You can make any claims you want and we have no reason to believe them.

  • Quote from Trial_hard: “Quote from Schmellow: “Well i played 4 fights so far. 1.3 mil infamy trinity was a hard fight ngl, i would probably lose to this guy on anything else Only whispering realized he has to skip, but did it too late on a map with imps and thieves Pve is top notch, better than q2 fire probably, but i already knew that ps. good point about ava omelette, i played 7.2 plain pork, ava ones would help ” good start and excellent that u try. But please not stalker and not on 1 Mio or …

  • I am glad the devs have agreed with me and those who shared my opinion that the enigma blade hit too hard. The 10% nerf in this patch is a good start.

  • How is fire catching anyone? Let alone someone who can blink and remove enemy sprint or stun them for a couple seconds with a blackhole?

  • This is a forum for bringing up things that may be overpowered or underpowered. I'm saying some of the arcane's toolkit is too strong, and provided examples of why I believe so. You are not providing constructive discussion to any of my points, you're just salty at swords? Make a thread for swords then.

  • Stalker CD is flooded with arcanes, it's clearly too strong of a toolkit. A blink for hitting a "skillshot" that covers half the map, that does WAY too much damage. Splitting slash on swords is significantly more difficult to hit at it does 377 physical damage, versus 550 magical damage. And it comes with a free mage sandal blink? Oh wait, mage sandal has a 1 sec delay, this has a 0 second delay. Splitting slash gets like a 0.76 sec root factoring in CC resist. They either get a huge aoe stun, t…