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  • Well another solution would be to fix your terrible fixed spawns, idk why I spawn behind 30 mobs like COD 2 had better TDM spawns in 2005 than this game and u know there is only 1 enemy. For some reason you made some spawns that are not even near the bosses/chest behind 40+ mobs because they are obviously never cleared because there is no objective there. but yeah its very frustrating to lose 500K in gear because your keeper cape gets triggered by mobs. and yes im fully aware u can go through th…

  • SBI, incompetent company

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    damn bro 150K silver. thats a solid 5-10 minutes of gameplay. you'll never recover from this

  • Lost loadout quality bug

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    How to recreate this bug: 1. Die 2. Go to loadouts 3. Click on temp lost loadout 4. Save as new loadout 5. go to shop and it buys lowest quality. as u can see I DID MARK SAME EXACT QUALITY

  • ETA for fixing corrupted invade bug?

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    Idk how long do you need to debug

  • Just look how pathetic this guy, this is literally all he does. sit in stalker with 8.3 and trashtalks when he wins. he does this every season and can get millions for being top 3. even has undead cape incase he loses, its just sad

  • Alright I found it but terrible UI, make a select all button. if u click on the "legend" icons it should just change all instead of having to set it 1 by 1

  • I dont want to buy a normal quality weapon if it was excellent in my last loadout.. if its not a bug its just a bad feature

  • Fix fuckign holy staff in CD's. I

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    t's so broken, you removed healing 6 months ago why add it again... it would also be nice if you fixed the invade bug thats been there for 2 months GOOD GAME!

  • how long can you take to fix 1 edge case. incompetent as fuck

  • lost equipment doesnt respect quality

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    so I think this is most likely not a bug, but then whats the point of the whole function. I dont want to buy 100 IP lower shitty quality gear

  • Title is pretty self explanatory, crystals should dissappear when bats spawn. no reason someone can try to fight for 5 min and then quickly dodge when he starts losing. will also prevent the stupid destroying 2 crystals with 8.3 gear strat. Bats should spawn sooner in Stalker, I dont know why they dont. its not more fun for new players or casuals to run after someone for 5 minutes. if anything if I have to run after a warbow/sword for 5 min I dont feel like playing more. Please consider it!

  • Quote from McDobs: “You can't nerf something to the ground based on 1% content... Non sword players just have to learn to be good, although I'm convinced that most of the salt comes from boltcaster players that expect to press one button and win, and somehow swords deny them that so they come here and cry before school... ” what are you talking about? boltcasters are countered by res pot, cleric cowl, kite etc. no one cares about boltcasters. sword is literally 0 brain gameplay, prestacking and …

  • THE COMMUNITY HAS BEEN ASKING FOR 3 YEARS. THE WEAPON IS META FOR 3 YEARS HELLO SBI DO U GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOUR COMMUNITY OR NOT? The community has been giving you so many fucking solutions to fix swords in CD's. Why do you not give a fuck about your community u can even fix it without changing the weapon outside CD's. Why do you not give a fuck? every week in this category of the forum people suggest you how to fix it not just me so why do you not give a shit? why does retroman care more about …

  • if it took that long for you to rat you lose your chance. and it fixes this boring shit of people resetting 10 times then ratting when they cant win. please SBI the community gives you so many fixes to make CD's better. How to fix sword ms without changing the weapon outside CD's, how to make CD"s better. for once listen to your community

  • Its great that after 2 weeks you finally acknowledge the bug. now its taking you another month to fix it? what is wrong with your dev team? here is my tip: just revert the fucking system so we cannot skip but I can just focus on mobs and actually get an enemy to fight. this is less efficient than it was before

  • Quote from elmoksXD: “sorry I just read it then I report it. ” they dont mean trading in-game you fucking baboon xd

  • I think that SBI gets a lot of hate, but lets be honest they do a great job of keeping things exciting. On top of that, they are so "based" as the kids call it nowadays. I mean, they just dont care about what the whiny community has to say, the people that play for 12 hours and create content. No, they made this game and they will do what they think its best for the game. And you have to respect that. And you know, as I said things are exciting because when I enter a corrupted dungeon I never kn…

  • Quote from VseOtlichno: “Are you sure you're leaving now? ” suck the devs balls a bit harder maybe u get free premium

  • Sorry but the game has just become so boring, nerfing all staffs. you try to do corrupted dungeons which is almost the only solo content then you get only swords and healers. even tho we just got rid of healing in cd few months ago. swords have been meta for 2 years in cd's players have suggested so many fixed so it doesnt affect other content but retroman just doesn't care. daggers nerfed even more, for some reason fire staffs as well no one asked for this. havent seen a single post about fire …

  • Just what the fucking is wrong with the balancing in this game? You remove ms from cursed and fire staffs (removing ignite) and now the cast speed of fire staffs but not from the fucking swords people have been complaining about for 1.5 years? Now im fine if you only nerf it for CD's. then dont nerf the weapon. dont allow sword Q to stack on crystals and traps or something, dont allow healing shit in corrupted dungeons. this is so fucking stupid. how can you be this bad at balancing? this is not…