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  • Quote from VseOtlichno: “Quote from AlainColcer: “feature ” this ” Sorry, so you are telling me i need to absolutely log in the next day or else loose any returns on those laborer journals? including the books themselves

  • I've had this happen to me 3 times already. I give a journal to a laborer, specifically merc laborers, the timer is there to retrieve the results in 21~ or so hours, however for some RL issues, I'm unable to log back in for 2 or even 3 days, when I come back, the laborers are there, but there are no returned resources to claim. Is this a feature or a bug? AC

  • Dev Talk: City in the Mists

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    Would this be a good chance to voice something about player and guild islands? since you already created a theme for personal islands in Brecilien, would it be possible to do something similar for royal city islands?

  • Quote from Quagga: “Quote from AlainColcer: “Would it be possible to explain the decision behind removing the city bonus to Caerleon? I don't quite understand the logic. ” they are in the mist city ” So you are saying the city bonus moved to the Brecilien? .....I still don't follow the logic behind that. That leaves Caerleon as only a center for the black market, but yet still you need to travel through redzones to reach it, so "cargo hauling" will always be an issue. At least with the crafting …

  • Would it be possible to explain the decision behind removing the city bonus to Caerleon? I don't quite understand the logic.

  • Quote from Fred_the_Barbarian: “Quote from AlainColcer: “64mb of ram memory ” Found your problem, you're running Albion on a toaster. Have you considered playing DOOM instead? ” Sorry, its GIGAbytes, i just updated my post

  • HI I have a fairly decent rig, with 64gb of ram memory, SSD disk and average ping of 150ms, and everytime I enter a city, the game enters into "stuttering mode", as it loads every graphical combination for the player's equipment and load-outs, along mounts and skins. It gets even worse if I participate in any ZvZ event, as not only the network is suddenly saturated by incoming updates from all the players in the zone, but also the graphics loading corresponds to all player's visual cues for thei…

  • - Active gathering yields are now displayed in the Character Details UI OMG - finally!

  • There is no mention that roaming resource mobs in ava roads can now appear in enchanted form. Was that planned?. (i like it please don't revet that change)

  • I was wondering why mobs were not given the color palette of tiers (green -> blue -> red -> orange -> yellow -> white) I know that a yellow rhyno would look absurd, but some stripes or backhair (or small feature of any kind) would be an interesting visual addition to add to these resource sources.

  • Worst fishing ever

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    may i ask what tier of fishing rod are you using?

  • I tried killing a Keeper "boss" mob in the open (the ones with the spiked circle indicator) and got absolutely stomped. Was using t6 gear in a t5 yellow zone on the royal continent, my average ip was ~1100. The mob was able to throw multiple abilities in sequence to an absudly high speed, even to the point that the effect of one ability was still visible and dealing damage, while being able to start casting the next (the spell visual indicator was starting while the previous wasn't finished). Is…

  • Video Guide: Fishing

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    Could we please get a similar video for all the other resource gathering professions?

  • Preload the FX

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    I also noticed this effect while loading royal cities for the first, time, player "gear" and skins takes a while to load, even on a SSD drive. Is there an option to force the game to pre-load all the visual content? at least for PC game client?.

  • May I say that after the call to arms update it will be rather inconvenient to have faction points of any other faction rather than the one you signed up for, would it be possible to do a one-time conversion? say if you are signed up for a faction other than caerleon, any other faction points could be "moved" on a 2-to-1 ratio to your current active flag?. This would allow all players to make a geographical choice on which faction they want to sign up and play on a regular basis to build up rank…

  • Hi I've learned that deconstructing a hideout is not possible, you can demolish everything inside it and clean it, but you cannot voluntarily remove one. Would it be possible to create a deconstruction mechanism that goes through the same stages or phases as the deployment of one? Example: If the HO is at level 1 -> to demolish it would only need to make sure no buildings have been placed inside, and no players are online and inside the HO. If the HO is at level 2 or above -> would need to "down…

  • Just as we are able to see the average IP and other assorted stats on your character sheet upon opening the inventory window, allow us to see the gathering yield if you place as your weapon one of the tools. It should consider the effects of: -The tool innate values -The gathering gear and stacks being worn at the moment -Food bonuses -Your destiny board skill levels It should show The % for each tier of resource you can gather down, for example: if i am able to gather t6 ore i should be able to…

  • Dev Talk: Year-End Update

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    Thank you, I appreciate that regardless of all the awesome ideas you have come up with, you are still using player surveys to decide where the focus should be. Keep moving forward.

  • I know this question might be a bit controversial, but would explorer's and adventurer's "old collection" items ever be re-released in this direct sale bundle format?

  • Hola Chileno por aca, interesado en su gremio, quisiera consultar si siguen instalados en Caerleon, o si estan en alguna otra ciudad. Ojala sea Martlock, puesto que tengo mi isla en ese lugar. saludos Alain Colcer