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  • Post summarised in one sentence: Buying carpets for 1mil silver.

  • Go and play in a map with cluster queues or large scale zvz and talk about potato pcs. People with hardcore gaming PCs still lag in large zvzs. Adding additional entities to the game will only further increase the lag and performance issues. Then factor those who have potato pcs or running tablets/mobiles; these players would not be able to cope with medium scale content, let alone doing say an ava raid with all those additional entities doing their thing. Necromancer works in Diablo because it …

  • In practice these mechanisms already exist: Hunter & Stalker CDs for capped instanced 1v1 Non-lethal HGs for 2v2 You then have crystal-arenas to actively queue into that while 5v5 - introduce players to pvp content

  • Mists

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    Balance will generally be restored as the whales in their 8.4 gear realise they've killed the content for themselves by over-gearing. The lower IP players stop doing the content, so the whales miss out on killing people, in turn getting bored and crawling back to CDs. The issue is a lot bigger than just IP restrictions, it is about affordability and accessibility of high IP items. In theory you could hard/soft cap mists, but then you'd end up in situation like stalker CDs where you go in 4.1 gea…

  • One also has to consider the way SBI is leaning with this game and the resources invested into promoting the Asia server. Especially given that Asian view swearing more taboo than in western cultures.

  • Look, I swear frequently in conversation and in general. But what I don't do is swear in a work environment during presentations. AlbionTv presenters yesterday several times swore unnecessarily. Commenting how players will FUCK IT UP, or FUCK UP something for the game. Is there a need for presenters who officially represent SBI to be abusing the players (which the swearing is indirectly doing). Especially when these are English native speakers who could use a myriad of intelligible English adjec…

  • For those interested or who care, this has been escalated to the TPG engineering team for further investigation. They acknowledged that there are some ping issues and inconsistencies. I will update this further once I get a response back.

  • Frankly, it is a bad idea. The map already is already for all intensive purposes in fog-of-war, because you are limited by your FOV. Adding a physical fog-of-war as you are suggesting would just burn unnecessary resources on everyone's pc/phone and caused unnecessary lag.

  • @Shadowbrick Thank you for the feedback. My post on this issue in the Albion reddit has over 12k views with a lot of potential customers being turned off by this issue. I initiated a ticket with SBI and the customer support feedback in summary was -not our problem- (specifically asking them to provide hosting/server details so TPG customers could initiate technical solutions through the ISP). So, for you to provide this feedback is good news and can hopefully address this issue.

  • I note the Beta Crystal timers, is there any indication of what the other timers will likely be on Asia server? Also, is there scope for those timers to change on launch to accommodate a wider audience? ie. 1200 UTC is 8pm Beijing/Singapore, 11pm Sydney or 1am for NZ. A shift of this timer one hour to the left makes it a more tolerable for OCE players to participate (beyond the most hardcore players).

  • @Shadowbrick So, once Asia server goes Official Launch any character names not already claimed via Founder's Pack in Early Access, become claimable by anyone?

  • Albion Online is Coming to Asia!

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    Quote from LadyReAn: “I was looking into playing this game on my stream already but I wonder if I should wait for the Asian server to come out in 20 days instead? I kinda want to start already but... not sure if it'll be a good idea knowing the Asian server is nearly out. ” Recommend testing and playing the game F2P on current server. Find out what content you like to do and want to do (and importantly whether you like the game). Once the Asia server officially launches - 20 March (the Beta laun…

  • Checking rarity of the mists

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    The wisp literally tells the rarity when you hover over it. It shows you rarity without opening it. There are also colour queues on wisp tail, although they are at times difficult to identify.

  • No. Rewards unique to each pack

  • Issue: Currently players have only a default option of inventory sorting. This sorts items by gear tier, tools, runes, artifacts. This becomes a tedious affair when inventory space or weight becomes a problem and having to manually look at each item to determine if it worth keeping, trashing or trading. Improvement: provide player toggle option to sort inventory by weight/estimated value/default option. What this does: provides fast inventory management at click of a button.

  • Albion Online is Coming to Asia!

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    Quote from Wargorth: “Quote from Quagga: “Quote from Wargorth: “Hmm, So your saying 7 weeks (no premium) for 700/700 on only one build. How many days in a week? And how many hours a day are we taking about? And what if I only play weekends? I quit that game in 2020 cause ping (and I felt the grind then - with premium). ” 7oRi9l3.pngnot counting the guards before the boss, 200-300k fame each of em x6 yea, famefarm in albion is hard asf lmao Seriously, people get out of the yellow zone. ” 2,470k o…

  • @oMagister Would you rather play a game with a constant ping or one where it can fluctuate wildly depending upon what map you enter? I would expect the vast majority of players want a stable ping. Technically what you want is possible, but is not a viable or cost effective way to run the game. Nor does it add QoL to the playerbase.

  • Test Server Ping

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    @SirisLi Can we at least know who is hosting the servers to work with ISPs for potential reroutes. Also, your team needs to fix the misleading message on the Asia test server, which states access will be granted for all on 31 January 2023.

  • ARiFobGU84ZaAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC These are my pings on test server client. The distance from my physical location in OCE to the US server is 2x that to the SG server. Yet EU players are reporting 180-280 ping to SG, with physical distances of 10 000km+... SBI how is this possible?

  • Albion Online is Coming to Asia!

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    US server is almost twice the physical distance to SG server, yet I have near identical pings? SBI clearly doesn't want to migrate ARiFobGU84ZaAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC