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  • Racism and Shamefully Poor Moderation

    ViLEuo - - Rants


    You're a grown up on the internet....moderate it yourself. Ignore people. WOW WHAT A NOVEL IDEA GUYS I SHOULD GET PAID FOR THIS INFORMATION!! It's the internet...people are gonna say disgusting stuff. Get over it or maybe you shouldn't be on internet. It's cry babies who can't handle the internet who are the same ones crying to take this game in a more care bear hold your hand type direction.

  • Another nerf to hammers cya later albion

    ViLEuo - - Rants


    Quote from She0gorath: “Also, why did you make a post to say that you are quitting? ” Apparently someone was supposed to care I guess.

  • Just make people with low rep be perma flagged red and allow them into all zones. UO style.

  • Is it just me or is the title click baity? This definitely isn't the most broken build in AO history, I don't think it's even broken at all tbh. Cool video though.

  • Surprised there isn't more discussion about this... Yeah, it's disappointing the direction stuff is going. I'm assuming SBI is trying to appeal to a much larger audience by making the game have a lot less risk involved overall and not be anywhere near as punishing. If they are going to keep moving towards this direction I wish they would just publicly announce their intentions and their vision for the long term.

  • Visual Updates.

    ViLEuo - - General Questions & Discussions


    I'd much rather developer resources go into more important things than decorating your island but to each his own I guess. Ultima Online did housing right as far as customization...they should look into something like that.

  • Quote from McDobs: “They should really remove the ganking system altogether and find another way for items to smash/break (this will keep economy as it is). Because the only reason pvp is in this game, is to recycle the items and economy, if stuff don't break there will be thousands of them and prices will plummet. So SBI just needs to find a nice way to destroy gear without involving ganking or pvp or at least small scale (zvz and gvg and maybe some hellgate modes can be made to break gear). Or…

  • AO Lootlogger

    ViLEuo - - General Questions & Discussions


    You were allowed to before, I'm not sure there's working versions anymore or if the new ones are allowed. If someone knows of an updated one that's allowed please let me know.

  • Almost zero risk whatsoever doing these you should get almost zero points. Working as intended.

  • SBI seriously needs to do separate balancing for the different types of content. 1v1 5v5 HGs/Crystals 10v10s zvz/open world Should all have their own balancing. This is just an example but maybe if you're in a CD the cooldown on x weapon is 5 seconds longer or their E does 10% less damage, or when a plate chest is equipped with a 1h frost it gets less of a CC bonus. These are totally just examples not something I'm actually asking for. This would take more work but the games health and balance w…

  • Quote from UNFM: “so nice manipulation. facts are BL wasnt even once nerfd. ” You literally list the nerfs then claim they're not nerfs, lol. How about not getting the CD reduction off mobs below 40%? Was this not a nerf? How about instead of begging for nerfs for good weapons ask for buffs for the weaker ones? I'll say it again even if they nerfed BL into the ground making it unplayable something else would pop up for you to whine and cry about. I am so sorry your preferred weapon isn't OP agai…

  • Lol, more people whining to nerf ganking even more... solo BZ gathering is's a you issue. If you're wearing gathering gear you have everything you need to escape 90% of gankers. Sometimes you're just gonna take the loss, it's part of it. This game is going to end up being consensual only PVP game, watch. It's trending more and more this way, this game was supposed to be a niche game for people who wanted a sand boxish type game with open world full loot pvp. Slowly but surely SBI is ca…

  • Could be there's more people playing cause of new update and roughly same amount of stuff going into black market. Hard to tell without actual data and your small subjective sample size.

  • This is the change I've thought great axe needed forever. Great change.

  • Black hands

    ViLEuo - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    Quote from She0gorath: “You guys don’t have to agree with me, but the problem with Black Hands is not necessarily that it can kill anything (it is not), the problem with it, just like Bear Paws (recently) and Hallowfall (for quite a long time) is that they allow for making plenty of mistakes, and you can still win without sweating. In the meanwhile, their opponents play perfectly, and excellent counterplays, but they still lose. That’s the most annoying part, and the one that makes the build bro…

  • They need to be able to balance weapons depending on what armor is also currently equipped also what kind of content is being played. For instance(this is an example don't murder me) when 1h Frost staff is equipped with plate armor it loses x% more additional damage OR 20% cc penalty when 1h frost is equipped. I could go on and on but doing some tuning this way could fix weapons broken in specific spots while not completely butchering them in other spots. I have also mentioned just balancing wea…

  • I think it's pretty obvious the developers have decided to limit/get rid nonconsensual pvp as much as a degree I get it because the people who actually enjoy this are a niche part of the community and for the rest it's very frustrating and causes a lot of people to quit the game. I am saddened by this choice to move in this direction though because this game was supposed to be catering to a niche group of people who wanted full loot pvp open world sandbox pvp. They've made a busine…

  • Macro in Fac ZvZ?

    ViLEuo - - General Questions & Discussions


    There's a way for you currently to stop people ratting your loot...kill them.

  • Okay so you've made a thread hopefully it'll catch some attention and get some kind of a rework if they deem it needs it. I would in the mean time find something else you enjoy playing and play that OR and this is a big or get better at the war bow we have now. You've listed plenty of videos and every body has repeatedly stated your game play is full of errors. If you spent half as much time analyzing your game play as you did complaining about war bows on the forums you'd be a god.

  • Quote from UNFM: “Quote from ViLEuo: “What? You can't see 4 people running bear paws because they cost 300k+ ? Is 300k a lot of silver now or something? I'm really confused here reading this. ” yea, you cant see 4 or even more rats with paws cuz they cost 300k+I pretty sure you talk about YZ and im talking about RZ. and you right is suuper popular for noobs/rats like I said belowe 0 brain req + high kill potential with extreme mobility and low price. Im pretty sure you dont remember old BL witho…