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  • "we put it back online when 10000 referral pack were sold!" joke apart, ty for the info

  • i started with longbow for open world, dungeon, faction, pvp with friend, solo avalon road, crystal spider with healer), mist... for me, as non magic weapon, it's a jack of all trade (my opinion). take time to discover each of weapon, some can be a "hell yeah, so fun" and some just a big "no!" your game!

  • Mists

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    if you're not alone, just say: "let team and loot the 8.3" and more of the time, when 2 ppl dismount, the guy disappear... now, you'll have to thrust a bit in humanity for that mist are like reality, rich take the most part, rats try to steal when they can and honnest ppl are just mobs!

  • Albion Online is Coming to Asia!

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    can we get the number of players leaving the main server for the asian on in a month? it's a very strange move but $$ is $$ now, the problem i see is the TZ content if we lose aussie, PH etc from the main server. these whole TZ wil be emptied as f.... biggest issue: players going to the asian server via VPN for fresh start and stop filling main server. we'll see but i'm pessimistic edit: i waited another announce as "great things coming this month" 2nd edit: "server merge when?" :p

  • what's this new crystal arena field? look like a bit small now (but it's the end for ppl ratting only) can be good to have the ancient one too as random.. still a mess with matchmaking edit: trying the new field with whispering bow, it's a joke you can snipe other ppl from so far (limit of their base when respawn from middle high)

  • Beyond the Veil Patch 2 is Live

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    "Fast Travel with luggage is allowed to and from Brecilien" perfect, now i just have to hop from BZ in a mist, found a portal to brazil and sell my goods in royal!

  • "Just close the game and run the launcher again. It will make another update and it will work." and now game wont update... stuck on "CANCEL" reinstal/repair stuck too got to uninstall manually and reinstall i think FIXED with flushdns (windows: CMD then " ipconfig /flushdns "

  • Quote from Nesnes: “n an upcoming patch, we’ll be hiding the identity of other players you encounter in the Mists ” nice! maybe no chat too just in this area (you can disable it for a certain period to test and UX back.) like EVE online try and it was'nt a bad experience.

  • Mythical Creatures are a myth never see one in hundred of portal used (in Bz) achievment "my little pony" aka run 12 hours in mist with no death (cause just hop in a exit, job done)

  • ok, it's just online from 24h but now, i dont get the point to be in brecilian. zone around get only IV-VI ressource, i see no big mob for artifact (and dunno if there's some or just in will o wisp mist). even gankers say no, i dont meet just one (it's a red zone so the number is visible). so why invest in this city? it's not even on the map...

  • i'm still looking an entry to brecilien (i dont do test server exploration) SYLVER84, you're a hero man! how tf i'm supposed to find it without this help? another edit: this is blue, maybe too much for me, i ended to close ggme with a start of headache..

  • Early release of Beyond the Veil

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    HUGE!! clap!!!

  • you're all mistaken! it's just to let us see the worldcup SBI need $$ too

  • yesterday, i've to make 10 millions silver a month to resub... today 13 millions (3000 gold)... next month nearly 17millions (3750 gold at this rate) dunno about new content income (silver) but with the recent nerf, i dont see myself playing more than i can today... i think big winner for a limited time will be the goldseller...

  • Price Increases with Next Update

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    date when? with mist release?

  • 10 minute to clear all mob to open chest? you run t4 dungeon with 8.3? i do some t8 and it take at least 30 minutes to do (and have to killl packed mobs from both route to bob) but now, i just run to bob and get out if it's not at least a purple chest. and reward are so...

  • Allhallows Returns to Albion

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    good! running some t8 zone dungeon, got the treat now, it seems there's only one ground? or i missed some luck? i avoid blue chest (from boss) cause of reward very random (to 6.5k to 25k) so i just run to the end to check the color ... when i'm out, i see the entrance still here (same dungeon, another one respawn same place? mysteries ^^) break dance with bob..

  • Crystal Arena Rewards

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    up the topic.. REMOVE reward for losing in arena! too many alt just afk inside

  • wow you really watch it? in 2022, you dunno that there's some add ( like drop collector for firefox) to collect drop for you? (no need to come all the 4h..) i let it all the night on and it's done (screen off to save energy) and for sound, i put head phone at mini (if i'm correct, mute a twitch stream slow down the % count,). i do it since years for a lot of game, cant name 2 streamer (but i put follow on their channel at mini)