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  • Welcome to Albion. It will be nice having someone other than Elsa to bother now.

  • Thank you for the new content. Quote from Thorn-Delwyn: “The basic mechanic of those randomized dungeons is basically the same as with group randomized dungeons meaning anyone can enter and there is no limit (besides a technical one) to the amount of players inside. The dungeons themselves are shorter (about 10 minutes of playtime) and of course loot is roughly a little less than 1/5th found in group dungeons. A zone will have between 30 to 50 active solo dungeons portals that can appear at abou…

  • Hi Elsa and H4nnibal. Thank you for the compensation, first and foremost. I received my 7. I was worried about receiving the 3 on an alt so I haven't been able to log in on those two yet today. In the future, instead of a login activation, could it be a button to claim? The in game mails say that, but it's a little confusing because it shows 'already claimed' when I click the gear in the right hand top corner. unknown.png Thank you again, I realize 10 days 1/3 of Premium compensates more than ju…

  • Quote from Dalhadir: “Okay, this stuff has to end now. You sleep, you eat, you go out, you do a great many things that lead to 'wasted' premium time. On top of that, the lag was less than 10 minutes an hour, or 15%. You couldn't play properly 15% of the time, get offered 50% of the time 'suffered' in premium and then you claim it's not enough? SBI doesn't owe any of us anything for this, they are being generous because they're mostly good people and most likely also to do a bit of reputation dam…

  • Great video. Laughing at "Not gonna get us" playing in the background Basically know your map better than the fools chasing you. Also helps to gather in a guild's territory - guards are there to kill and murder any non guild member who tries to enter. Black zones generally have less people than the red zones

  • Quote from ToXiKia: “A good compensation would be an exclusive mount called RollBack that gets you 3 steps backwards every 3 seconds ! ” Yes, but a mount that knocks through mobs slicing through them like butter as revenge and payback for all the murdering they did while we lagged into them. Yesyesyes.

  • Shut down

    Drinkx - - Rants


    Hi, turning a server off won't fix a problem if it involves hackers or a DDoS attack.

  • I was referring to the drinks and bartenders.

  • @TheArimatheus Hey thanks for the shout out - You mentioned beverages so often in that last post I had to reply. Also, do I win a prize?

  • Hello, my name is Vania and I mostly work on islands in Albion. Alchemy being my favorite I also farm pumpkins. I am not sure how much this will help but I see this mistake made commonly. I read 3 pages of a thread today titled "Mounts aren't F2P" before I realized the poor soul had purchased an adult. There are 3 types of animals in Albion Online. A baby, an adult and a mount. A baby is cared for on an island purchased with a premium account with plants or chopped meats. T5_FARM_HORSE_BABYT5_FA…

  • Hey, I really love the ideas being tossed around in this thread. I see a lot of comments in game stating "This lag s the reason I won't spend a dime" but in my honest opinion how are the developers of Albion meant to patch and fix issues without customers? My mastery is in alchemy - how am I meant to produce potions without herbs? have had premium since I started my account on Free to Play Launch and I don't have a single regret Thanks for the fun, Albion!