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  • It's not a connection issue (at least not on our end) we can login for 2-3 secs. I have tried on 2 diff wifi and mobile data plan 5G/4G. It's more likely the easy cheat system it's too aggressive and doesn't like non-modiefied android systems ( my phone's is not rooted and the linux kernel set to enforced). I run Xiaomi MiUI 11 Android 10.

  • Android Anti Cheat

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    Same! Tried some sugestions such as playing from 4G/5G data plan instead of wifi. Tried reinstalling the game, tried to disable android overlay (game turbo for qualcomm G socs). Nothing works. I'm able to login and enter the game for 2-3 seconds .then I'm kicked out! Same message as in the screenshots above.

  • After the last update on android (new apk installed) ,we can't login into the game. The anticheat system is kicking us out! Tried every sugestion, but it does not work. We can't play from android anymore.