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  • Quote from Warchlyde: “can I suggest something in here? Or there is a thread for suggestion for Wiki? ” You can, but its likely to get more rapid response in our discord server's wiki-contributions channel.

  • Quote from MrGrapes2654: “I was told that i can post questions here is that true?? my question: do we need to fill a form to contribute/edit page/create page? i joined today ty in advance P.S. is there anymore open positions?? P.P.S. i already added a boss mechanic for the bonecrusher soothsayer (sorry if that is wrong) P.P.P.S. I cant find that page now ” 1) Yes you can ask questions here. Though as you may have noticed it is not checked often. The best place is in our Discord server in the wik…

  • 1) PvP Royale-like mode similar to Arena only full loot and instead of only 2 teams you can have 3+ teams all fighting 3+-way battles. The team size could be smaller (3v3s for example) 2) 3v3 Hellgates 3) More interconnections for the clusters on the map. Similar to the underway routes and caves that connect for example Caerleon to diagonally adjacent maps. Also include ones between other areas not just key points of interest. Especially more in Black zone.

  • Surprised to see this is still the only tracker in 2021. Keep it up.

  • Agreed but for different reasons. New players starting with island would have a reason to use those trophy journals. The prices of the "safe" zone trophies are very low due to abundance of them with nothing to do with them. Make them scrapable to get a small amount of silver sounds like a good sink. Not too much. Keep in mind ppl still farm these to oblivion

  • Today was the first game update for mobile since its launch recently. I think this was simply overlooked. On Andriod 1. Entered game to play today, link prompted me to update the game since new version was out 2. Clicked the link, and was brought to the google store BETA link, the button said "play" as in no updates available 3. Searched google play store for albion online, the non-beta page came up, with a button that said "update" 4. Clicking this button allows the game to be updated as expect…

  • ANDROID Error

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    Mobile Download Issues ^issues tracked here

  • Mobile Download Issues Mobile related, some workarounds given here ^

  • For some reason Tier 3 and 4 sort in reverse order, starting between tier 8 seeds, while the others seem to line up correctly. This is an old bug that has been present since free to play. unknown.png Logically they should follow after Tier 2.

  • Old thread but basically this is the code way through API that you can get all your logos of all items in game as well as the guild ones, listed in the wiki for your convenience.

  • Mobile Download Issues

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    I just wanted to add here another workaround for mobile not installing. I have a third party file manager on Android. If I set albion.apk to file permission 777 it works 100% of the time now. Hope this helps

  • If you want to learn hellgates that definitely the place to go! The people there are knowledgeable and teach for any skill level and more PvP content then just Hellgates such as Corrupted Dungeons too.

  • Mobile Download Issues

    Blkandwhtlion - - Mobile Version


    I've been experiencing this on and off. One way I get it to work in minimizing the game on my phone and opening another app. Then returning after a minute or so. Ater 5 tries it usually works. I'm now experiencing an issue with the latest version of the game. I can't install the APK at all. It stages the android install and then dies. There is no opportunity for me to take the workaround steps you provided since the actual APK is failing to install after downloading from your client URL. Is ther…

  • Most of your questions if not all I believe are answered on our wiki: Also, find the journals linked as well which go into a bit more detail. If you find you still wish more information after reading those pages let me know what further questions there are and I can update them. Thanks!

  • Quote from Deathskills: “At this point it isn't ignorance but your capacity to read which means the person would be affected too by the player being push from yellow to red zones because they clicked always when going instead of reading and understanding the meaning of what it "means" to chose that option.People just need to learn to take the time to read and it's an ez fix to this. ” I disagree with this. Like all "Scams" of this nature, the angle is they rely on any potential obscurity in disp…

  • BUG: Stuck in place while fishing

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    Hard to consistently reproduce, but while fishing you can get stuck in a spot with no way to use spells, move, etc. No way I know of to get out of this stuck position without waiting for a couple minutes to be freed. Its a death sentence in the blackzone to say the least. Please fix for the fisherman Usually able to reproduce by fishing in a "fish spot" where fish are visually seen swimming. Then before actually getting a bite reel in your pole. Sometimes the bug is observed. The further the cas…

  • Found that a new apk was available. I uninstalled and reinstalled the new one. Now makes it to "downloading animation_clips" and stops.

  • Is there anyone that can speak to this? Not going to buy a new phone to troubleshoot this. Stuck in downloading asset bundle at different paths like /login,ect . Never completes the download still.

  • Glad to find this awesome group of people looking to document so much of the game in one central location. Looking forward to contributing even more!

  • Still experiencing this problem, connected to WLAN, phone is full charge/plugged in. Is anyone else having this problem?