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  • Really Scary Bug

    Blenfjorn - - Bugs


    I put all my 8.4 gear, including my 8.4 Self-Crafted Masterpiece Greataxe into the Rentable Chest in Adren's Hill. Then I suicided for quick travel to the city. Then I went to the market, and my 8.4 gear appeared in my "Lost Items" Loadout. I almost had a heart attack! lol..... I'm like WTF DID I SUICIDE WITH MY GEAR ON???? So I RACED back to the Adren's Hill chest. My stuff was there. Did not suicide with it on. But WHY OH WHY was it in my lost items loadout on the market??? Yeah guys, please f…

  • Quote from PeterPan42O: “Not only he claims to be the official martlock, but he is also the most toxic player I have ever seen in this game. Trash-talking 24/7 other guilds and content creators. A racist too, what else do you want? HUWKAv4.png ” Agree. Just asked why you were saying his link had a virus. Wonder if that was true. But yeah, seems like he is a terrible person. Saying something bigoted then immediately after plugging his discord a mere 3 seconds later. lol

  • Next in line for Albion TV Hosts.....…403e05967fa53cd9853eeaf0e

  • "Official" means endorsed by Albion/SBI, so technically they can ban him for claiming it is official. Why is the PeterPan guy saying that it is a virus? Any truth to that at all?

  • A friend of mine is in a guild called Scandia, and it is mostly (or all) Scandanavian players. Their Discord Server is publicly listed on their in-game Guild Recruitment.

  • damage hack

    Blenfjorn - - Beginner's Questions


    I got accused of hacking today when I defeated a Tier 6 guy while I was in 8.4 gear. I'm like dude, it's not a hack, I just out gear you by a lot. And he insisted I am using a no damage hack because he didn't do anything to me (in reality I was staying healed with Hellion Jacket so it only looked like my health wasn't dropping). It's not a hack every time you lose. Sometimes you just lose. Or sometimes it's a hack, but that's rare. This case here doesn't fit the bill.

  • Seeking in-game chat Moderators

    Blenfjorn - - Announcements


    Quote from Spinner: “? ” The instruction on how to apply are in the first message of the thread.

  • Quote from Amoebius76: “Quote from Talion: “Hello, The Candy Store cheat stones are not always available. It depends on what our current focus for the testing on staging is. For the current test cycle they're not available. -Talion ” ” Thanks for the response. Should always be there for those of us who take time to test stuff for the good of the game. Luckily for me there were open buy orders for Founder's Items and I was able to get enough money to do what I wanted to do, but please consider ha…

  • Can't even use the market to buy the stuff I want to test with. Come on guys, slacking here.

  • I am trying to test some stuff. Why no free money or supplies anymore???

  • Albion Online is Coming to Asia!

    Blenfjorn - - News


    Quote from Midgard: “1. Can I claim and redeem Founder Pack items on Albion West?Yes, Founder Pack rewards can be claimed on either server. As Gold, Premium, and Furniture are server-locked, please ensure you claim them on the server you want them to remain on. For Founder Vanity unlocks, the unlock items are bound to the character on which they were claimed. However, once they are unlocked by that character, they are accessible by all characters on the account, on both servers. Why? The Albion …

  • Albion Online is Coming to Asia!

    Blenfjorn - - News


    What about the Asian players who swiped? They have to start anew or can they move some of that gold/silver to the new server? Just curious, as I am staying on the main server and am not living in Asia.

  • Quote from ToxicHalo: “What is he doing to get banned? I cant see anything since the area filmed is very active. ” Challenges to a duel for money, with low gear, with the assumption of the other player that they will easily win, but then the scammer runs to high ground where the victim will have to chase him while being in "flee mode" outside the duel circle. The scammer then will use Wall of Flames, and the Wind Wall to keep the victim from re-entering the duel circle, thus winning the duel by …

  • Quote from keyfouyr: “Can you please explain how is this bannable. Maybe author of the map is to blame ” It was declared ban-able about a year ago I think. Elsa even made a post stating that this was ban-able. It is somewhere on this forum but I honestly don't feel like looking for it.

  • I sent this to support too, to get this guy banned (since this tactic is against TOS), but posting it for the masses too.

  • Quote from Piraterer: “What do you pay? ” She said it is a Voluntary Position. That means you don't get paid.

  • Quote from Emii: “Ever walked through a map and got your chat spammed by the same player repeating the same message? ” Any time I walk into any city. Consider my name in the mix.

  • Quote from rudedogg: “well..I figured as much..that will probably be it for me then.. ” Can't say I blame you. That is a tough loss. But it's one item. Try and learn from the mistake. If you enjoy the game don't let that be your end.

  • Nope. What he did was not illegal. You got played. Best you can do is report him to Player Communities so they can ban him from their Discord Servers, etc. Like if you tell me who it was I ban him from HCE Discord, and other Community Leaders typically do the same with people like that. But he won't be banned from the game and you won't get your mammy back, unless he has a change of heart.... which you know, he won't.

  • We seem to be glossing over the obvious question here. As I asked above, WHY DID YOU SAY YES A SECOND TIME???