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  • They could always just leave it how it is and knock the entire cursed lines stats down a full tier & it would probably be fine. If cursed players could actually land their desecrate, the only skill-required ability they have, it probably would have happened a long time ago. Can't say I feel sorry for any of you crybabies on this one. Anyone running a demonic gimp-suit in the mists right now is an absolute dribbler.

  • Deathgivers

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    A holy staff user with a resist pot can easily kill a deathgiver to the point where there is nothing the DG can even do but break. The only reason they have a high win rate in CDs are because CDs are fake and PVP where the DG can just run from all these builds and all the cursed players, and all the mistwalker jacket/hunter hood etc.

  • Albion Online is Coming to Asia!

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    Good, the games overpopulated and this will be great for the economy. I'm surprised a company this focused on the in-game economy ever allowed them to connect in the first place, if it was my game I wouldn't have.

  • how long are they gonna leave it like this, what a stupid fucking change

  • Quote from BurnsidePDX: “Pair with merc or eat regen food then use assassin jacket and it’s an absolute terror. ” That's just a matter of @Retroman not knowing how to program a game. Combat timer should be reset the entire time you are in ambush, but instead you can be getting chased down, pop it, and come out with full HP. Obviously shouldn't be a thing but for some reason they have a hard on for letting people get "out of combat" in situations where they clearly are still in combat. And you ca…

  • Great idea, would be nice to see something besides undead capes in there!

  • One T4 Tome with Respec On = 16k Credits One T4 Tome with Respec Off = 4k Credits One T4 Tome Cost = 19k Cost in Silver with Respec On = 14,416 Cost in Silver with Respec Off = 0 With respec on you are paying 33,416 for 16k credits, or 2.09 Silver/Credit With respec off you are paying 19,000 for 4k credits, or 4.75 Silver/Credi

  • Quote from Gunsnroses: “Quote from Embelia: “Quote from Gunsnroses: “Time to be good at the game? ” Yeah exactly. Time to buy 8.3 yourself and fight those mean 8.3 players. ” U mean time to buy 8.3 and only take fights vs 4.1 and flat 6 like everybody else doing? ” Why fight another 8.3 in the mists just to have some tier 6 cursed player show up and cheat you both out of a fight? All they have to do is just ride around on a mount and not get close enough to get dismounted to force you to change …

  • 2022: Albion's Year in Review

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    Quote from ThreeHades: “Please let the console happen soon this year, I just wanna play the game on an actually stable device that is built for gaming rather than a mobile device. I could care less about the odd controls of Albion Online on a Controller, I would be willing to adapt to it so that I can just play the game on something a hundred times better than what I’m using now, plus it would bring in a pretty large amount of players if SBI decided to expand to all three consoles (PlayStation, …

  • Dumb idea, we already have a fake and gay risk vs reward system where I have more IP than noobs who are a full tier higher than me. No need to widen that gap, besides of course the need for SBI to drain out our pockets even more than they already do. Quote from Mandulf: “I started playing this game about 4 months ago. While I understand that some level of grind is necessary to keep players engaged for a longer time, the necessary grind in Albion before players can compete in PvP is the main draw…

  • 2022: Albion's Year in Review

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    Don't pat yourself on the back too hard, I would gladly play the game from a year ago over what we have now.

  • Quote from bbopdeluxe: “I can confirm what others are saying. I just started two months ago and there really aren't any options for new players now. You basically have to 'git gud' and go to the black zone. ” Well considering 30% of the items trash in PVP, then you tack on repair costs, and then the selling fee, you basically need a 2:1 PVP fame ratio just to be breaking even. This means for an average player (1:1) PVP is just a massive expense and you're either gonna need to buy gold or farm li…

  • Uninstalling

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    Good. Your kind aren't welcome around these parts! 7461a0eb887a8a4486911e6bb62c951e.jpg

  • Just about every attempt to "balance" CDs has been an complete failure, with the exception of getting the plate frost builds out of there they really haven't done much right since. For the most part melee feels like you are hitting someone with a wet noodle, meanwhile a healer or an arcane can put out enough damage to drop you in one skill rotation. SBI is capable of doing big changes, sure, but they don't seem capable of going back on any of their fuckups.

  • Quote from ziigii: “Many people complaining about rats are just bad players. I saw a t8 bloodletter trying to 3rd party and engaged on him while the other two moved away. Killed him in a 1v1 fight as a t6 demonic and he had a full blown meltdown how mists are getting ruined by the rats. He could have run away at any point but he decided to fight. If you have a tough fight and see a 3rd person you should dissengage in most situations but most go for kill and are left with 10%hp while the 3rd part…

  • You guys have such a great thing going it I don't see why you have to ruin it so that any mobile user with auto aim and auto targeting can land a free shadow edge. Seriously guys, we want a game that can actually take skill... I thought you were inspired by UO and EVE so why are you turning this into a mobile game. People who can't afford a PC will never support your game.

  • They didn't make it clear when they wouldn't be useable anymore, so I'm also sitting on a bunch of sigils that I earned that I can never use...

  • Quote from PaladinJavier: “I don't get it why people expect cd content at mist. It's not about FAIR 1v1 and it's Ok it is not. This is capped Open world, not corrupted dungeon. What about rata? Yeah I think SBI is doing the right thing giving 20 secs or more Cooldown to rats ratting. I would make this timer depending on IP. Wanna join fight? Then risk better gear. ” If you think a higher IP should give a shorter cooldown I would say that is a pretty dumb idea. My idea is to lower the cooldown bu…

  • Beyond the Veil Patch 2 is Live

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    Quote from Jerek: “Quote from JonnnyBones: “Quote from Jerek: “Quote from FakeLamb: “from spending hours of doing them, and not worth while until you have a 100m+ set. rewarding players for achieving such heights is how it should be. same goes with the black zone, guild make millions in it. join a guild and stop complaining or go farm HCE for hours on end(with a 100m+ set) to get some decent silver. end game is end game, nerf it and there is no point thriving for it. Quote from Jerek: “s)...HCEr…