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  • A takie bajery oferowali Ten pan oferuje postawienie tego za darmo jezeli posiadasz kotwice. Kotwice mozna kupic na markecie ale tania nie jest... W Bridgewatch 19.2m Free Explorer's Anchor Placing Service

  • Just right click on his nick and mute the guy for yourself so you don't see his spamming. Works every time. But yeah... mod should have banned him for 24h...

  • If you reported the guy in game then you also have to send this screenshot to

  • It all depends on your internet speed. I have "up to" 900Mb/s (averaging around 500 to 600 ),I'm over at Oceania and I have similar issues over the weekends mate. Albion has only one server world wide and weekend is the peak time for players. Server is so loaded that people with slower connections and that are further away from the server suffer most...

  • Ale chodzi Tobie o robotnika czy jak?

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    Popróbowałem pare myków, nawet starałem się poszukać po plikach gry i wychodzi na to, że niestety ale nie...

  • Yeah PvP can be brutal in Albion. And knowledge of the gear, weapons and food definitely helps a lot in those situations. In case you didn't know, you can check your opponents EQ by tapping 'Y'. You can always change that to a more convenient button. If you managed to reach only level 40 spec on a weapon/gear in 25 hours you must be doing something horribly wrong mate My suggestion is go to Static Dungeon and join up with a group of randoms. Static Dungeon yields much more fame than OW or RD's (…

  • Wyssana energia

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    Nie. Wyssana Energia to dosc wartosciowa rzecz, jak by ja mozna byla tak O sobie ja zrobic to by ekonomia w Albionie padla. Jedynymi sposobami na pozyskanie Wyssanej Energii to - Kupic na Markecie - Kupic w Manipulatorze Energii - Nagroda za Sezon -Ubic kogos kto ma to w plecaku i mu zabrac