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  • Quote from Sethis: “I do not know why this topic is in this forum but not in Beginner's Questions or General Questions but hammer tree and forge hammers in particular are dead. Someone could say that some weapon from this tree is used here and here, but in general hammer tree is an utter trash and one of the most useless among others. It can compete for the 1st place with nature staffs atm. 1. Very low damage, two handed hammer do less damage from Q than one handed mace. Damage from E does not e…

  • Quote from The_Support_God: “forge hammer as single target melee dps that is what i view forge hammer as it is somewhat like a 1h spear playstyle mix burst of 1h dagger ” solo or switch dps, i can use demon helmet, hunter jacket. hunter boot, morgana cape for attck speed n cc single cc stun n silence. Quote from gmatagmis: “With recent druid sandals change i would try interrupt/peel, probably with demon armor. Enemy flank - dash+druid sandals+hellion hood. Ally engage/counter - E on clump. While…

  • Quote from gmatagmis: “Forge hammers are single target nuke weapon. Example 5v5 build : Hunter jacket, assassin hood, stalker shoes. Example small scale ZvZ build : Hunter jacket, hellion hood, druid sandals. What role in which content do you want to play (tanks in ZvZ have different roles, initiation / clamp makers / interrupt / peel)? ” i know alot of forge hammer build as nuke, but my question is feasibility to build a tank with forge hammer. i still figure out roles, but with hammer as tank.…

  • i actually start with forge hammer with tank build, guardian helmet, guardian armor, hunter boot, morgana cape. slowing enemies, main single cc healer, just came back and play, do i need to switch to one hand mace or hammer as tank, or switch to great hammer as tank?

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    我也是刚回来玩, 算新玩家 以前到现在完全改变了。

  • i am new player came back to this game after follow few beta many years back. since sometime lack of time, my play style will be farming for my tank gears tier, weapon i use mace, shield and grovekeeper, and hopefully just follow some party for some dungeon, corrupted dungeon etc once tier lv up. any advices?

  • winning in noone game was so happy lol.

  • weapon effect

  • Quote from Cronixia: “Quote from Snicker: “i still kind of confuse the armor and weapon class, let said is it better go for T4.3 or like goto T7.1 ....that wat happen miss summer alpha. ” So to put it simple in that example. T7.1 is better than T4.3 by just a little bit. But.... T4.3 is a LOT easier to gather, craft, and wield. ” but the outlook 4.3 stay like T4 it bro, thanks.

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  • anyone try with leather armor + shield and sword or axe like become a berserker?? think of trying the build, go for higher magic def and damage for backline killer.

  • thanks for the guide again.

  • Quote from Cronixia: “Quote from Snicker: “i have try read through the armor system, it is a tough road for crafting =.= sorry if my progress slow during this coming CBT, time seem to be main key for this game. ” This really is the best place to go for crafting, if you haven't already read it. Armor System Explained (Guide #1) ” yeah cronixa, i been through that thread, thx.

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  • Quote from Jashooa: “Quote from Dere: “Quote from Jashooa: “Quote from Dere: “You didn't played the game right? I'll explain how things work on this game. You can't have 1 set. You simply can't. You'll lose it. You don't craft a set and stay with it. So, when you choose class two or three, you get some more stats, BUT you have to work a lot harder to craft it. And it's more fame required too. Let's use as example GvG. You need more than 3 sets at least on fight against an equivalent team. So, wh…

  • Hopefully we have more guide from devious. It help alot for us to find direction for crafting.

  • Quote from Devious: “The sigils from quests can be exchanged for the T4 royal armor which is limited in options. You can get it over and over as long as you have the sigils but the thing ot keep in mind is that it takes a fair bit of time doing enough quests to afford a full set of faction armor. You would in the long run be better off crafting your own once you get the buildings up. In the begining of launch however players will be trying to collect sigils for a few T4 armors and weapons just t…

  • hi devious, may i ask, we can obtain sigil from quest, n exchange for t3 and t4 armor, so if i too lazy crafting, keep repeat quest to obtain sigil, so t3 n t4 no need to craft anymore right, i cant find much info about the armor exchange from sigil. thanks.

  • nice thread, keep for future view.