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  • Quote from Sylys: “The devs messed up. The tooltip is not defined correctly. Spinning blades is supposed to be countered by other displacement effects, such as fiend sandals and other knock ups. "Immune to CC" has always been different than immune to displacement effects. This must have been a problem with communication. They never defined their terms correctly, nor should any dash similar to it be completely immune to displacement. ” knockbacks, knockups, etc counts as cc there are specific imm…

  • Quote from Asheraxia: “One handed Curse also needs to be dealt with... Reflectable! ” why u want a magic dmg snipe crossbow so badly? xD

  • Quote from Captainrussia: “Also... I wonder if the new Feyscale Hat makes all spells (Bear Paws E) uninterruptible... that would be a clever counter item (you'd give up a hat slot for it). ” the item description is kinda weird... it says that only makes channelings and casts uninterruptible it also says that grants immunity to ALL debuffs except DoT's so idk if stuns, knockbacks, etc counts as debuff... I think that nope but still need to test

  • Quote from Asheraxia: “I'm a fire main, as I think is commonly known... Duel swords seems balanced to me. For years it was massively under performing, and I always thought it odd given the nature of a duel wielding weapon, it should be a melee beast, and it just wasn't. The refit to swords has been well thought out, now that broadswords mobility has been dealt with, and I find the tree balanced and actively used. As a fire user, unless excessive use of reflect is utilized, and this can just be b…

  • Quote from BurnsidePDX: “Hi, updated Feyscale sandles here. As soon as you get death cursed, activate me and I will negate 5 seconds of curse damage and the E! Don’t worry, I’ll be up in 30 seconds again. So if you have an iframe or any dispell, curse can’t E you at all! Best part is Curse will need to reapply all dots! ” why wasting on kinda expensive gear when even the cheapest T4 feet piece has a counter spell for curse bomb?

  • nice tutorial lolololololololol

  • Quote from Captainrussia: “1) a 41% win rate vs Deathgivers 2) a 47% win rate vs Great Hammer 3) a whopping(!) 38% win rate vs Cursed Skull 4) a 47% win rate vs Shadowcaller 5) a whopping(!) 37% win rate vs Lifecurse 6) 48% vs fire and ice (pun intended?) ” - DG and GHammer winrates are affected by mists as far as I know - Cursed line is pretty good vs melees, in my little experience it's hard to fight curseds with stuff like swords, spears, gloves, etc... the wr could be even lower but crystal …

  • tbh deathmatch won't ever happen as long as 5v5 non-lethal hellgates exists I know that 90% of ppl in solo - duo queue doesn't know how to play arenas, just clash and clash mindlessly while a nerd in high mobility build takes the other pillars but we need something different and maaaaybe not so "complicated" for the average newbie, also in case of healers maybe they shouldn't be able to queue as healer if not wearing a healing staff, also won't be able to switch their weapon on arena if it isn't…

  • Quote from PaladinJavier: “Mercenary jacket healing condition should be damage received. ” GNature in a jacket?

  • teaming up in solo mist

    Fabrizziou - - Rants


    Quote from Worship: “i am done so np go weste your money not geiing mine ” why are u still here?

  • Quote from PaladinJavier: “This guy says bow trash but Lot of videos with kiting BOWS and none with "broken" Glaive... ” bruh literally who said that glaive is broken? reading issues

  • Quote from Trial_hard: “or maybe listen to community, remove CD and copy 2 HG Code and make it 1HG with no effort but perfect result? ” extra large size lethal duel? sounds reasonable

  • Quote from Captainrussia: “time to buff Hunter Hood back to 5 sec duration ” NO U better suggestion: bring back healing on guardian helmet

  • I mean this would be a perfect change for like 100 years ago when dual swords were used in zvz but could be utterly abused by any stuff in that place now it has a nosense autobuff on hit that only works for 1v1 and nothing else I imagine combat devs like: "oh look at all of those balance suggestions from June 2020, let's apply them RIGHT NOW!"

  • np hunter hood will be killed before devs could even think on add reflect immunity to whispering and badon, right? Right? Anyway badon could shine more if they direct it to bigger fights and/or make shine it's forgotten unique feature

  • Quote from Quagga: “what's the point when you lose every trade and every time you run off to the crystal to reset completely negating any counter play. ” maybe crystals could purge the attacker every time it's hit during an invasion? lololololol or just they shouldn't be able to grant any type or benefit or buff by being attacked, not only stacks

  • Quote from Roor: “Player teleports 11m to target location. Using this ability again before the timer (10s) runs out will teleport player to previous location. ” mistwalker shoes in a dagger

  • Quote from Pipeer: “As a 1h spear main, I checked out of curiosity. WTF? Immune to CC, same range and around the same damage unconditionally with a 4s less CD?! Using 1h spear E make you loose your AA buff. I can't wait to see the buff 1H spear will have to stay in the competition. Edit : I definitely give it a try ” tbh 1h spear couldn't drop stacks as well Besides 1h spear no one of other spears drop stacks on using E, the fun part is that 1h is still stronger than them in it's own business (e…

  • u can break shields with Q3 now so be happy bullying maracas or stuff like that

  • Dual swords E being uninterruptible was an ideal and asked buff like... idk 100 years ago? Dagger pair buff was kinda... meh, like nobody asked it but ok, instead of wasting a knockback or knockup skill now u need to waste a hard defensive or reflect