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  • I am here to present my formal application to be an agent of such a noble cause.

  • Quote from Arcanian88: “Albion Online, the hardcore sandbox mmorpg where everyone is a pocket holder and brings so many numbers they can’t even get a pvp fight. hArDcOrE Seriously the zvz in this game is just handholders that want to tell people they play a hArDcOrE pvp game. ” Someone has to make at least one game like it in the world, or one would not exist.

  • I mean, ARCH gotta remind the slaves their place from time to time you know?

  • Black zone nightmare

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    Quote from MarcTheArchitect: “Constant tanking in black zones. 10 vs 1. ridiculous. Both my gf and I can’t enjoy any content at all in black zones. We can barely survive red zones. No we are not the best PvP. We are solo farmers and traders. Both my sister and brother play Albion as well and have indicated to me that they refuse to go back to BZ. We continuously write the albion devs to consider changing black zones so that solo players can enjoy content. Between myself and my family we have wri…

  • *slowly roleplays walking into the halls of the Lore of Stormlord, Apolloss, the old battle wizard makes a surprise visit, and gazes at the ancient drawings, statues, and loot taken from the dead adversaries of Stormlord on the walls. With his old brown beard, old rugged looking Holy battle staff.. he slowly removes his cloaked dark hood, shuts his eyes and his staff lights with glowing light. As the epic soft orchestra music slowly fades in, an upper view of Apolloss descends above his head fro…

  • If you can make a player show up with a power crystal on the map in zone, why not add a limited bounty system in outland where you can pay a few hundred thousand silver to place a temporary bounty on an invading ganker/gankers who do not have a HO nearby in zone, with a min of a couple million silver? The bounty player must have killed the player who placed the bounty recently, and if said player only has lets say 50k silver worth of gear on, with a 5 million silver bounty -- then let all items …

  • I Quote from Zigurath: “Current state of Albion is simple - As Syndic wrote himself Quote from Syndic: “"(...)SUN is a part of POE. Together we have diplomatic agreements with our friends Mojo in Blue Army and Gluttony in Awful Company which is what the simple-minded call "handholding" when they pretend having friends in a massively multiplayer game is "bad". ” So since ARCH POE BA are in 1 coalition they control whole black zone. Every single guild/alliance out there must be their slave to surv…

  • Streamer Spotlight: Hempbeard

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    This guy use to be one of my favorite streamers to watch before F2P -- Just chill and FFing -- What ever happened to Hempbeard? His Twitch is gone, along with his Youtube content.. disappeared

  • Praise Be!

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    I completely agree with this statement.

  • Quote from Chiattone: “This is only my opinion, based on my personal tastes and do not attack me if I think so. Going to the point, what is missing from the game are pvp contents for solo players. What i mean is: I enter in game, I want do pvp, I do it fast, without depending by other players or guild. You could say, you can do Arena or solo ganking... Ok, arena system is the worst never seen in a game, no reward, no ranking and long tails of waiting. Solo ganking? sometimes I spent more than 1 …

  • Glory be! CLS saving lives daily -

  • Help spread the joy! Give some today

  • Well, I will say, I don't die alot when fighting with CLS And I did not this time either -- however, when we from time to time do lose, we go out with a bang -- Its probably the most entertaining defeats I have ever experienced. We stand strong and defiant against tyrants to the very last man! For Glory!

  • Quote from Tsujihagara: “cool what about splitting the reward along with returning his items :O ” easy -- the bounty office needs to be paid aswell -- if you put down a 1 million silver bounty, it only goes for 700k to players- this creates a silver dump to the trash even more yet adds a fun factor to the pvp You can try to cheat it all you want, it still takes silver from the economy-- cheating it would take away your fun factor, go for it if that's what you want to do. If your gear is worth 10…

  • right now there is nothing that comes out of trashed items-- but what if I could put let's say a million silver bounty on a player that I wanted to reward players with for killing them either in black zone or as a flagged red in red zones --- If a blue player killed him and a piece of armor trashed that was worth let's say 16k silver on the black market Let that player turn in that trash and pay half the amount the item was worth in black market value -- and minus the 8k claimed on the million s…

  • This is why you use Caerleon Security to escort you.

  • Caerleon Security are experts in their field with keeping the citizens & merchants of Caerleon safe! We strive for excellence in keeping innocent and new players informed of the latest pirate activity, and if necessary, sacrifice our own lives to keeping you safe from gankers. With our anti-ganking patrols around Caerleon, monitoring for dungeon divers, superior and professional merchant escorts - we now bring you live, interactive stream feeds for you to watch on our anti-gank patrols so you ca…

  • We have a warlock class?