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  • 1. Turn off skins. So you can immediately determine what equipment your opponent has without inspection 2. Do not participate in battles in gucci pve gear. 3. All players in Albion are NPCs. If you want to be not an NPC - learn to play and prove yourself.

  • Quote from ziigii: “The vile curse procccing dot damage on cast is an intended effect because the dot proc was removed from dessecrate but remained on q skills and great cursed. Not because it is in the game for 3+years and somehow no one noticed... ” Quote from BurnsidePDX: “For example if you boost your damage via say stalker helms, royal sandals , it does not increase the damage of active dots. It only increases the damage of spells cast while the buff is active. Meaning that if you overlay a…

  • Nerf 1h curse

    VseOtlichno - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    Quote from Fabrizziou: “yup full of dbladed staffs, bloodletters, bracers, demonics, bear paws deathgivers on 8.4 MP and some dual swords rarely see a 1h curse ” A few days ago I saw 4 1h curse vs battle axe fight. I was the fifth 1h curse

  • Мертвый. Оф. дискорд сервер альбиона вроде полуживой, там есть русский чат. Ну и рутрэштолк все рекламят.

  • Albion Online is Coming to Asia!

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    @Quagga You knew...

  • @Alexey_ssl Привет. 1) Обычно выходишь в плюс, но надо выискивать материалы подешевле. Цена на станции указана не за единицу продукции, а за расход 100 единиц еды у станции. Там есть формула, но я не крафтер и не найду. Крч, получается дешевле, чем написана стоимость у станции. Возможно ты нарвался на производственные станции картеля, которые держат цену в 9999. 2) Быть в радиусе не обязательно. Прибавка к весу пассивная, будто сумку надел. 3) от уровня инструмента в руке и от уровня мастерства …

  • Headphone/mic play

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    Quote from Finleer: “I think it would be cool if you had a proximity voice chat. You login, put your headphone/ mic on. Whoever you are near you here and they here you. That would rock. ” The albion community can be compared in toxicity with the dota 2 community. Imagine for a second how a group of 10 gankers kill a newbie, and then laugh at him in voice chat.

  • Quote from Swrena: “buff an already strong weapon ” lol Have you ever used dagger pair? Quote from Swrena: “2v2 hellgates are 90% just dagger pairs ” lol Сurse has left the chat.

  • Buildings have 3 parameters. Food, stamina and strength. All 3 parameters must not go down to 0.

  • передаю тебе красный нос, теперь ты главный клоун.

  • если тебя отшила поддержка, можешь попробовать написать робину хенкису

  • Мгла!

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    Берешь 5.1 сет и просто фармишь аккуратно кемпы и мобов. Повезет - сферку унесешь, пока остальные дерутся. Так же можно и сундук залутать. Кристальные пауки вообще на карте не показываются, их очень легко забрать любому человеку. Старайся держаться энчантнутых мистов, там всегда меньше народу. И собственно вопрос, чего ты ждешь от мистов? Что ты там хочешь делать, что тебе мешают парни в 8.3, 8.4 сетах? Обычно такие слова исходят от людей, для которых парни в 8.0 тоже будут проблемой. upd. чекну…

  • Quote from Captainrussia: “sounds that Deathgivers might need to have the same treatment as Oathkeepers had a patch ago - lower the bonus from IP gains? PS. I don't have an issue with DGs per se - but I mostly fight low IP ones in Stalker CD (which makes sense, by your definition - they dont get much IP bonus), so my opinion might be skewed thinking they are Ok, when in reality they are not (I won't know until I go into higher tier content and fight a 8.3+ one) ” DG is fine. Such an impression a…

  • Quote from Emirso: “I can see why you would defend DG ” I'm just stating a fact. I can't find the ip table now, but daggers have 25% more growth than the nearest competitor. As you can see, I don't use dg much. And I'm using max t8 gear, which can be seen from my average ip. DG are strong on very high ip. Also, I love daggers.…6e80dec63bf190ac0f4c7b679 Better appreciate the power of my 4.1 curse.

  • Quote from Emirso: “Just the overall damage output of the Deathgivers is more than every melee weapon right now. ” Maybe because daggers have the biggest increase in damage from ip? This weapon is two-handed and artifact.

  • Quote from Asheraxia: “Holy Blessing ” Fear God. Don't buff an already strong ability. This will completely remove the cursed staves from hg.

  • Bows buff

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    @The_Support_God I can't say that this will greatly affect the damage of bows, but it will affect the usability of the bow. I have always considered the weak point of bows to be the long delay after the attack. This change will allow you to take less damage and deal more.

  • Bows buff

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    Quote from The_Support_God: “The changes to stand time mean very little as the damage from bows does not come from Autos (except whispering and reg bow) ” lol

  • Quote from Emirso: “Nerfing DeathGivers would be a good idea wouldnt it? ” How?