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  • Usage Fee Rework

    Setsuu - - Feedback Testserver


    just admit you failed and revert it.

  • Maybe you will fix crafting and how materials are cheaper than ever? Best hot fix you can come up with is an update revert. The only hot fix that would make sense...

  • I think whoever decided to put this update online should be fired due to lack of brains experience and genuine logic. Half of the content is unplayable due to how much open world gives. Craft is dead. Labourers are dead. Stone is dead. Black market will die soon. Thanks SBI. I have never wanted to rmt my silver and leave but at this point it seems like the only option. Like its that bad that people are using islands to craft to bypass your dumb new tax system. Genius update, uninstalled.

  • please enlighten me with a way of filling the same amount of journals as before in any way possible in this game, I'm not even talking about .1 .0 crafts, its just outright funny.