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  • You probably have selected to equip/buy only "normal" quality items in your loadout. Toggle these options in your loadout and check if you still have this problem when buying stuff in the market:

  • Quote from SpicyPepper: “I'm just asking for more detail. So which was it that you called "easy"? You had your healer help you, healing sickness inside dueling circle, or maybe your target just stand there for you to kill ? Your "easy" is in controlled environment. OP's statement is true in real combat situation. People ain't sitting for you to kill like mobs. He stated that healer can heal more dps for it's easier to heal a target than to damage it. ” in a 1v1 situation the healer gets healing …

  • Quote from SpicyPepper: “Lmao, are you killing those healer while having another healer healing yourself ? Or are you killing a healer with healing sickness ? ” OP said that healer can heal more than a DPS can cause damage, and i am just stating that it is false, what else is there to understand? i'm not talking about matchups, 2v2s, 5v5s, whatver..

  • Quote from Spiridon: “Mate? i dont talk about some tactics or special builds vs healers or your personal vision of the game. Iam talking about simple math, nature stuff heals more HP in a second just pressing two or three buttons to ally than a damage dealer can make a damage. ” have u tried using robes as a DPS? if you are using robe and can't put enough pressure to kill a healer, then ur weapon is trash or you are really bad at the game. claymore, cursed staves, fire staves, deathgivers, all t…

  • nerf holy pls sbi

  • Quote from Fabrizziou: “energy drain comps are less painful than u think take a discord link to tryhard guys that can help u to counter most comps and guide u with meta comps: ” it is not energy drain, it is a comp that just runs around for about 15 minutes until the lava comes. then they use all their defensives to take less damage in lava than u, and since it is a arcane that uses plate + ice cowl, he is certainly going to win if u don't get a advantage beforehand by usin…

  • Quote from Mrpotato: “in 2v2 having a healer means a team is sacrificing 1/2 of the party damage, making fights pretty long and boring In 3v3 having a healer only means sacrificing 1/3 of the party's damage, allowing to much more strategy Heck, you can even have a tank, a dps and a healer, it allows A LOT more variety ” long fights are pretty fun, i don't think that it is a downside. the problem is when you have a long fight and the silver that you get from your enemies equals to nothing, it's d…

  • Quote from Fabrizziou: “I'm wondering why not reworking glaive at this point ” because it's a weapon made for 5s and it's working fine so far. there are other weapons in spear line for other pvp contents, glaive can't be the strongest in everything.

  • relax, they are just tweaking it, the weapon is too strong for 5s so they have to make some changes, it'll still be strong even though.

  • Quote from Mrpotato: “Quote from ISTILLLOVEU: “Quote from LagartixaBombada: “Frost: High Damage, High CC, Iframe, Uninterrupted, High mobility, doesn't let you swap skills, anyone who can't see that frost is extremely broken is a braindead, the only ones who defend frost are frost braindead players who don't want it your weapon is nerfed as it is very difficult to play with a weapon that requires more than pressing 1 key. ” High damage OR CC mobility is on all builds unless your tank even then s…


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    the problem with frost is the fact that lower pings have a HUGE advantage in DMG output when compared to high ping players. something has to be done to address it.

  • Quote from Malkalma: “Quote from Sponik: “HCE should have died LONG ago Braindead activity, risk free, and pre written combos/meta from years back whats that? your long used crossbow/mace builds have been nerfed? well you have 3 options: 1) learn to adept, find the new "meta" for HCE, or is that too hard for you (?) you can look at the ava community for example, a day after wargloves were out they added a new warglove build, they adept, and so can you. 2) do other activities, if you are too much…

  • Quote from Karthaz: “The meta shifted to Force Field before shifting to Ice Block, so you're wrong on that one. People used the second spell of Cloth Cowls in Healer Dps match ups before using Ice Block as it is the best way to set up a big E with Cursed Staff, Claymore or Dagger pair. Cleric Cowl began being played after they realised that know that they used Force Field, they could run any cloth cowl, the best of them being Cleric Cowl to effectively destroy one shot comps. ” force field with …

  • bringing cleric cowl to 2s let you at a disadvantage when fighting against healer+dps builds, no one really wants to use cleric cowl and it isn't that good when u have to fight against other healer+dps builds, but people use it 'cause it's the most effective way to counter one-shot comps which are a unfunny build to fight against(as u said, one single mistake or a little delay in ur abilities is enough to kill you, even though a quatterstaff can make a thousand mistakes and reset 'till the lava …

  • Quote from Sethis: “Quote from Alysandra: “You already made 2v2 hellgate 50 times better than it used to be in the past. ” 50 times better? Current HG is a shit. Shitty design, shitty rules, shitty lava, shitty loot and IP scaling. We are lucky that they did not ruin CD as well, yet... But they try, bats is the first step in the "right" direction. ” the ones who says that current HG is better than the old one are the people that don't play hellgates.

  • Quote from YeSer: “its not op,but we got 2 glaive in same team compo of 5 and one in close every team . ” paladinjavier simply can't understand how strong his weapon actually is. he was already complaining when the glaive was nerfed in auto-attack damage and the "E" CD was increased, after all his complaining, talking about how this nerf would make glaive inviable, the weapon is still the most dominant META for MDPS in 5v5 content.

  • Quote from Trial_hard: “Well, it is called Risk vs Reward... In order to kill 8.3 u usually risk more as 6.0.. You play hg in low risk gear and earn cheap gear.. Where is problem? ” that just means one thing: it's worth to go 8.3 in CDG 'cause the rewards are HUGE it's not worth to go 6.1+ in HG 'cause the rewards are TRASH also, there's matchmaking in HELLGATE, so the more you play, the more risk u have of fighting good enemies who have a good chance of beating you, that's why even the BEST pla…

  • Quote from becauseahaha: “I'm curious why 2x2 might reward is 2 times more than CDs reward (~400 against ~200). We have fights every 10 min in HG but only every 20 min in CDs if we get lucky and opponent won't break crystals. Also in corrupted dungeon I risky with x10 more expensive gear. ” do you actually play 2v2s hellgate?

  • HG Chest Bug

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    will it be fixed? it's been 1 month already

  • Great Nature Facelift

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    Quote from Zigilund: “Quote from pinto: “great nature could be uninterruptable and non purgeable and it would still be trash. ” Didn't read any suggestions lol it's all good I get it. ” suggestion: great nature E should be a AOE skill.