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  • [Update] - I tried again and it seems a message display has been updated to say that the East Server is unavailable until February 20th so I believe that answer's my question. [Original] So the other day I purchased the Gold Legendary Founders pack for the East server on my current West Server but whenever I try to login to the test server it just gives me a pop up to buy a founders pack and shows that the Test server has early access for Gold founders on 1/26/2023 13:00UTC. Considering today is…

  • Hmm what about "Badon of StormLord"

  • I approve of this Bow! Let it be known from hence forth, whether officially or by yee role play that the T8 Bow of Badon shall adopt the name Stormlord.

  • I hope it gets changed. Atleast for now players can deselect items that are over priced but that does defeat much of the convenience of the service.

  • I stood out there on the coast waiting for your return my liege, but alas you never came. The world changed and grew colder. Darkness befell my thoughts and I have now risen as Lord of the Cranberries. My only goal now is to slay the Blueberry King who had forsaken us to this hell! Winter is coming...

  • If you kill a mob on top of an open world chest then it will block you from interacting with the chest until the mob is skinned/gathered.

  • Everyone's busy playing the update. Anyways mount skins no longer are tradable until 15 days after the release of the next skin. So currently on December 15th the Snow Fox skin from last recruiter's period will become available on the market while the Festive Stag won't be available until February 15th I believe or March 15th. Not sure how many months it lasts, 2 or 3.

  • I haven't really looked into all the new additions yet but I know there are now these giant energy storms that appear like tornadoes. Do they drop siphon energy or something? I figure they must be related.

  • 1. Red zone dungeon divers that show up blue flagged and just keep trying to pull mobs into your group or leash the bosses you are fighting to get you to either leave the dungeon or flag to kill them. (infact I simply hate the flag mechanics of royal zones in general. Dungeons should all auto flag everyone inside) 2. That person in your ganking party that just keeps talking about random things or asking newbie questions when you are trying to coordinate and focus on hunting players down. 3. That…

  • Putting caps on the elite levels takes away from the classless nature of the game though. It also means that in the higher competitive level players would start having to level up multiple max characters to do item swaps. I just don't see the point in trying to lock players to specific items or weapons like the way other MMO's do it.

  • The only problem with that is it creates a dungeon dive problem in the red and black zones where if you are chasing players in a dungeon, all they would have to do is zone to the next floor then they could A out with a bubble on. Now if it was specific to just the yellow zone invulnerability buff then that would work.

  • Scammers

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    Its common with any high value trades in this game. All you can do is just remember to take your time with a trade and double check everything. The trick you described is similar to a trick used in real life buy scammers at stores called the Money Game. A scammer will go to pay for an cheap item using a large bill like a twenty and just as you are in the process of breaking the bill they suddenly pull out loose coins and say "wait I actually have some change" so you get distracted and try to han…

  • Perma game bans are not issued for things like slurs or just bad language so whatever you said to get a permaban must of been pretty bad. Only thing I can think of is perhaps serious death threats or doxxing someone or lastly some form of RMT advertising. Other then that chat violations in their most severe instances result in long term mutes.

  • Trading or sharing accounts in general is against the TOS, even if its giving them away for free.

  • No, I've actually gone a bit into retirement for the time being.

  • The thing that is a bit confusing to me is, a person has spent $500 USD dollars on gold to fill 3 characters with 12 months of premium and then have 100 Dollars worth of gold on him, but has to turn around and "borrow" silver from a mysterious a person? I feel like there could be details in the story that are missing. Also it was noted that silver wasn't the reason for the ban so perhaps they detected something else like botting, auto looting, speed hax's I dunno. Anyways I have invested a hell …

  • Maybe the zones with say 12 freaking hideouts in them should start massing some of those players that own them to defend their home from the gankers. I mean you got an Arch alliance with like 30,000 members as well as a number of other large alliances who can mass 500 people for CTA's. Start actually using those forces instead of being leeches who mine high tier resources on unkillable polar bears and grizzly's, then run back to a hideout which is two screens away at the sight of danger.

  • Quote from Borbarad: “What is easier ? To read description, or to make a topic on forum ? Or to make this post ? ” What about making a thread to discuss this philosophical question?

  • Like I said you can solo gank using bear paws but the issue will be when you run into one of the roaming gank groups that will kill you once you are dismounted, unless they are really weak players. Here's a video thats more recent. There's a lot of kills in the royal but you can use it in the black zone too if you know what you are doing. I also recommend checking out content from this player as he makes good informative videos. Wit…

  • Quote from ziigii: “Did you read my post? ” I did and while I agree the game needs much more solo and small scale content I just disagree that having solo dungeons close is whats killed all the content off. Right now the problem is that groups = security and higher advantages. 1 ganker vs 3, 3 gankers v 7, 7 gankers v 15 man fight group, 15 man fight group vs 30+ man zvz force... I can keep going up. In the case of solo dungeons a solo player tries to do them and instead of getting dove by 1 may…