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  • Play is safe zones, or play a different game if you cant deal with loss. The game is what it always has been.

  • No set bonuses indeed. Every item is “what you see is what you get”.

  • Quite a few have actually migrated. I doubt that the aforementioned mass exodus will happen, but ive met my fair share of ex-EVErs. Some are in my guild/alliance too.

  • You assume too much. 1 - you assume no solo happens in BZ which is a massively uneducated statement. 2 - you assume I am someone who doesn’t know how to navigate BZ despite having done so ever since I hit T4 and that my specced weapons did not come from solo BZ work. 3 - you assume that, with your last statement, there is no fun to be had in the BZ which is quite the opposite. There are proper maps and places in the BZ in certain timezones where you can operate fairly safe for extended periods o…

  • Quote from Embelia: “There are no solo players in the blackzones. ” really? Then what am i doing alone in the BZ?

  • Try a fresh reinstall after completely uninstalling it if you havent tried that yet. Perhaps a different location as well to install it in.

  • To be fair a quick google search could have told you about the (lack) of compatibility. No telling if they will expand to more platforms so it currently isnt really a matter of “they should release it on x” but rather “you should have double checked if your intent is to play on a different OS”. Saying its almost the same is subjective. We dont know how 1: their coding/designing is setup and 2: if its a lucrative investment to branch out to more platforms.

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    A question better asked of support if you want a conclusive answer. This section of the forum can offer you speculation at best.

  • I think this is a simple case of supply and demand. If there is less gold going around it becomes more expensive. If there is more the price drops. So to answer your question: people should store-buy more gold to see the prices drop and that in turn will lower the cost of premium.

  • Im an ex eve player, someone who played more than a decade so i think i have some grounds to make a statement here. EVE is different. It shares “full loot” but Albion has safe zones, holy trinity and more traditional MMO RPG approaches than EVE ever had. Both are sandbox, true, but the way you go by your business in Albion is very different from EVE. EVE also - at least for a larger part of time in the past - tolerated much more mischievous behaviour as the setup of that universe was much more r…

  • Quote from Tuathan: “The first thing to note is that /en chat and /help chat are two different things. In /en chat there is no obligation to be nice or helpful and people should be thankful for what they get. In /help chat there is a responsibility to be helpful and if you come by some time you'll see I'm much more forthcoming there. In neither channel, however, are we a paid service or some kind of specialised google. Nobody gets to bark search terms at us and expect to receive exactly the info…

  • That or the roads.

  • Not questioning your good will here but what are you teaching them and more importantly- how. Also, full loot games are not for everyone. Thats not albions fault. Learning how to cope with loss of everything you have on you can be difficult. With the right mindset and approach, full loot is not as daunting as you may think. Those 6 that left are probably better off. Not everyone can deal with perma loss. I always urge people to watch Leyvi and his 3 day zero to hero video course. I used it, im n…

  • Watch biglipsmcgee on youtube. He has a weapon tier list covering every weapon and explaining what use they have where and how good or bad they are. Reliable content from him, have a look.

  • Yes to all, but point 4 is something that comes with compromises. Newbee friendly guilds part of big alliances are surely there, just look around. Fights are constant, metas changes, territory will be contested. Pulling your weight is a learning process. You are never 100% safe in full loot zones even if claimed by your guild/alliance. Getting access to big and successful groups/guilds/alliances requires your own research. Its a “what can you offer and what do they offer you” case. Check the rec…

  • It may have been launched as a pc game but it certainly is a cross platform game now. Doesnt change my personal opinion of the game. Its fun. I like it. You gave your perspective and i gave mine.

  • Quote from Morwys: “After five months, I'd say that it's absolutely not worth it. Albion has a lot going for it, for sure. It has interesting gameplay, graphics that are pretty much to my taste, but overall, it's a frustrating, unbalanced, unrewarding experience. I'm merely playing because it's free-to-play and I'm currently stuck with a potato computer - as soon as I can afford a better computer, AO will probably never be touched again. Anyways, here's the biggest problems I have with the game:…

  • You can collect points for all factions if you so choose. So if its only about the points you can flag for any city. Ranks will decrease with swapping however so mind that. The biggest perk if you’re not actually fighting in faction is the 5-15% bonus to fame and silver. So ask yourself: do you wanna build rank? Dont switch. Do you just want points? Flag anywhere you farm. For me its just about the bonus fame and silver and the passive generation of faction points to exchange.

  • Spears are fine. They have built in slows, range, good damage and are strong for both pve and pvp in certain settings. Dash, life steal, pokes, shots even, aoe, slows, dmg boost mechanic. No need to update lol.

  • How about you sit out the timer next time so that the entrance closes. No one can enter anymore. Problem fixed and nothing needs to be done.