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  • Trade storage

    Javier97 - - Feedback & Suggestions


    So, quick idea to get some feedback and see if anyone finds it interesting. Would be an option on an storage unit to trade larger amounts of items directly between two players in one go, with a series of steps in order to avoid scams. -Seller puts items in storage -Designates silver amount and buyer's name -Buyer deposits the right amount of silver -The items are then blocked by permisions to the seller, as well as the silver until the buyer takes all the ítems -There would also be a time limit …

  • People should be aware that they are trying to do this on several guilds. Tried on mine too, same name mentioned above, luckily our gm had already placed an alert on our discord. Stay alert against these scams, always verify info first

  • There is not such thing as "monopoly in Bridgewatch on leather tanning". You just need to get familiar with some key concepts of the game related to the economic part, refination, crafting and the important role of transporting. Some links that might help, tho you should look up some video guides too.

  • This happens to me sometimes in part beacuse of my slow connection. Problem is that usually in the past just after a couple tries I could login again to the city and load it correctly, but since around december 30 I get disconnected over and over when trying to loging back to the city after traveling from island, sometimes it takes hours. Is it possible that there was some technical change around that date about timeout for reconnection in this case or something like that?

  • Plata o silver

    Javier97 - - Bugs


    Revisa si estás usando auto-respec en la tabla del destino o alguna bolsa de visión y familiarizate con sus efectos

  • Scammer

    Javier97 - - General Questions & Discussions


    Quote from HobiTi4: “Hey! This boy is scammer. He asks to give him items and then he will give you 100m and return your items. His nick - fastfingers. I hope he will be blocked. ” He won't be blocked or anything like that beacuse scamming without breaking the TOS or abusing bugs it's not a banneable offense. Quote from Piraterer: “Its not a scam. Nobody is so stupid. ” You would be surprised

  • Could we have a way to select Brecilien on map for traveling or just quick inspect the city plot taxes while in other place? Even more relevant now that there is fast travel with gear there. It's pretty much already there anyways, on the center of the outlands (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content)

  • Game just randomly close

    Javier97 - - Bugs


    Same problem, it's rare, but it sometimes happens without lagging or crashing just closes, even in open world without interacting, just walking around

  • Quote from Lep99: “This cartel is going to end up owning 100% of every refining station and building in every single city. Pretty sure they own all of Thetford and now have invaded Martlock starting with the hide refining stations... This game becomes more and more unplayable every day somehow. Pretty awesome having 30m+ worth of hides ready to refine waiting patiently for hide bonus activity. When it comes, I won't be able to even refine them because I am NOT paying these prices. ” Nah... It's …

  • Full island achievement

    Javier97 - - Bugs Testserver


    When a character with an island on royal with level 5/6 buys the Brecilien island, the game gives the achievement for fully upgrading the island 6/6. Probably there are other similar bugs with these achievements related to islands/houses/laborers and the new Brecilien island

  • Daily Faction Rewards?

    Javier97 - - Beginner's Questions


    Hi. I also played FW for a long time before I understood this, so I will try to explain. When you do faction content you earn two things, points that can be traded for rewards and reputation wich allows you to advance your rank. The daily rewards are awarded when you get the 3 point tresholds, and they give you big reputation bonus wich boosts your faction standing and rank allowing to get higher rewards

  • Saddled Greywolf -Really fast -Looks cool, doesnt even need skin -Fast mount-up time that has saved me a lot of times last second, but it's getting removed next patch

  • Quote from Madma: “Quote from BitBraven: “I found that these rings only show up in Rare and Epic Mists, but I could be wrong. ” Oh, I forgot, I must assume that non every map could contain a portal to Brecilien. ” Not all maps but I have found portals in common zones, more than once. After finding the city the portal shows on the minimap next time you are in a mist with one

  • Quote from Amoebius76: “Hey @Javier97, could you elaborate on your post? Brecilien has a cluster with a Mist Portal where you can enter the Nonlethal Solo, Lethal Solo and Lethal Duo Mists. Leaving those through the corner exits will send you back to Brecilien though. However on the opposite side of the city cluster there is an Unstable Road Portal, from where you can navigate back to your Royal City. Just be aware that it's a one-way, once you entered the Portal you can't go back. ” Hey, sorry,…

  • Quote from Amoebius76: “Hey there, you can travel back through the Unstable Roads Portal, or sell/store your items in Brecilien. ” A New Travel Hub - Allows direct access to the Roads of Avalon and the Mists - Roads of Avalon: - Chooses a random Roads zone - ... The Mists: - Allows access to any available Mists mode (solo nonlethal, solo lethal, duo lethal) - Entrance can be used at any time, but has a cooldown to discourage "rerolling" location - Gives…

  • Puedes reciclar la caja para obtener una parte de los corazones pero no todos, ya que es como si hubieses fallado la misión

  • I knew it was a bad idea to come gathering at these hours in the woods, but life in Bridgewatch is getting expensier and tabs aren't gonna pay themselfs. As I walk torch in hand into the darkness of night I hear that damned crow again, bad omens according to the elders. I whisper something to calm down my horse that it's getting uneasy at another wolf howling in the distance, and it's not the only one. I have heard bad stories of bandits around here, but those usually are coward enough not to lu…

  • My understanding it's that not activating the shrine only means you won't invade other player, not that you won't be invaded. Also if what you want is "solo pve" there are these things called solo dungeons, they are green, shouldn't be hard to find

  • Quote from LilyBlanche: “Hi Javier and Mandulf! Thank you for your response. This might all be obvious for you but for me as a beginner it's really not that clear what it is you're buying or what purpose they have. I had for instance no idea that I could lose anything that I had bought in the store upon bying. I do appreciate that you take the time to explain this to me in a coherent manner. My only concern is that it's not made obvious to the player. Would it have hurt the makers of the game to…

  • Quote from Blenfjorn: “Quote from Javier97: “Felt a bit scammed when I fully upgraded my island just to find that empty ruins back there ” You still received your 5th farm plot on that upgrade. The empty ruins being opened is just extra. Main reason to upgrade is to unlock all farms. ” Of course, and I put it to good use. Wasnt speaking about the upgrade in general but the specific case of the ruins, guess I just hoped to find something else, it feels wasted