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  • @Piddle people pre-complained about Caerleon and reputation in yellow as it ment killing PvP. Now they are bringing faction warfare to yellow (even blue) which is returning the PvP, except now with full loot. And the city bonuses are to fix the "one city that rules them all" update. Also the FW system if set up as I think it is will be heavily abused by players like in EvE. Sure there is still people having tons of fun in FW in EvE, but there is also plenty of those who just farm. Including huge…

  • They are trying to make caravan runs happen again between cities. So theirs goal is you gather in zone A go refine to zone B and back to zone A to make stuff out of it. Or zone C, depending on what you are making. The thing is, you can go safely all the way, so its mostly about trading. Its just they are trying to fix the lack of sandbox they messed up before release. Thats what happens when you keep "refining" the tools you already have and that mostly work over and over instead of adding new o…

  • Pandemic Legion

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    Honestly I wondered myself. There used to be a Pandemic Legion guild. Dont know if it was the EvE guys or just a fake one. Let me know if you find out.

  • Quote from Korn: “Quote from LordSilva: “When one faction has an army greater than all the others, what are the plans of the game to try to counterbalance this and keep the war healthy? Its something that can happen, we just need one of the big alliances to begin to fight all over one city only and with that overrun the other 4 cities and over time will gain more and more fans. ” This is addressed on multiple levels - factions are super easy to change (but: for that, you must be in the faction's…

  • Great build, good moves. 10/10. You someones alt or just like to play solo?

  • Respec is just another hardcore mechanic I am sure. "You are whatever we make the meta." is a new saying for Albion I guess.

  • Simple, just add some version of swastika. It has many meanings and is in many cultures. Also, many Russians are hot for USSR times, Russians are a big playerbase, hard to delete something like that I imagine.

  • @Eternalhaze its not every update recently. It is happening since the first beta. It wasnt all bad updates tho. But the hardcore has left this game some time ago.

  • Community asked for it and it makes them more money and it keeps people in because they have to fame again even if less than before. Ofc they will do it. Dont think of this game as sandbox. Just think of it as a game from SBI. They will do whatever they see fit no matter how it changes the game or if it is a sandbox / themepark element. Only thing players should be afraid of is that they - SBI could fall into a profit hole and will balance too often so they motivate ppl to buy gold for respec.

  • Ofc. Talk about bitcoin gets even here.

  • Quote from owensssss: “Last time Elsa’s work around was posted there were out of game bugs as side effects. I’m not interested in a system sub par to the previous ” I am using it now but its kinda meh. I pressed some num lock buttons when the mode was on and it made my windows do all kinds of sounds. But getting used to it.

  • POE

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    PoE first alliance in the game having theirs own stalker. Thanks @SparkyTheIdiot. P.S. Please accept my apology. I know that after our guild was kicked from NERF that alliance went to shit. Mistakes happen and we've already forgotten all about it. So you should not obsess about it so much. We will always have good memories about your lovely leader who tried to be the modern Mussolini, but failed. At least he tried.

  • Developer Talk - GvG Seasons

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    Thx for the video. Quote from Rosalia: “... second... ” EDn9UPU.jpg

  • Quote from SparkyTheIdiot: “Quote from Omnio: “Chest names Yes we do need that. Simple and important feature. Please do NOT wait for next big update to add this. Thanks much. ” Yep, give this man what he ” Thanks for your support! P.S. There is a place on forums for taunting or trolling.

  • Chest names Yes we do need that. Simple and important feature. Please do NOT wait for next big update to add this. Thanks much.

  • The guild member info is nice and if the performace will improve that will be a BIG deal. But the rest I dont know. More expeditions = less people in the open world which is really awesome for an OPEN world game... Less people in the open world means the game looks even more dead, which is not something this game fkin needs. Even if the hardcore expeditions are fun, its no excuse to put more instanced stuff in the open world game. Battle mounts and new artifact weapons are cool but they could've…

  • Quote from Goingindry: “@Omnio were you guys using an incubus mace too? Wondering if maybe its the shrinking of the boss that makes then go invisible? ” No incubus mace in our team.

  • Can confirm, sometimes its invisible. We fought the boss in Kindlegrass Steppe.

  • Auto run

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    @Elsa to the rescue. It is a bit weird as it also changes the use of your num pad outside the game. But since it can be set up so it works with num lock off and with num lock on its just regular numbers, might be just fine. Thanks for this lovely tip! Btw for me its the left-mouse button that disables it. P.S. There is shortcut "left alt + left shift + num lock" for turning it on / off.

  • POE

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    @SparkyTheIdiot A bit off topic, but I am wondering, where is this NERF alliance again? Oh right, it isnt. Good luck in TC since your previous guild was good for a week and then couldnt handle it anymore. TC is great at ZvZs because it seems its whats TC is focused on. Its almost like if you focus on something you are better at it compared to ppl who dont focus on it, especially if you are one group and not many put together in a zerg. Who knew... Guess you did not, hence your nick name.