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  • All issues we brought up over a year ago RIP Albion its was fun while there was content.

  • Havnt really played to much since that got put into game i like to solo gank and gather but now that is ruined by the risk not being high enough i just do hell gates, but like im not waiting around for hours doing nothing in game waiting for a group so ive pretty much completely stopped playing and just check in now.

  • Really SBI?

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    Just pay 1 silver for your gifts making them "Not Gift" its genius.

  • Carrioncaller vs Glaive

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    Carrion caller has burst damage + def and healing debuff and glaive is more damage over time + CC Both great for gvg and hell gates both not good at all for ganking. after using both they are both very good although I would recommend the carrion caller as the glaive is alot harder to use from the stacks to watching mana your position listening to calls becomes quiet overwhelming. also using the carrion to level will give you a ton of extra stats towards your scythe later on when you get one. and…

  • I love when people say ganking isnt dead yet your ganking new t4 players in royal lands with 4 they pretty much gank them self.

  • New buff has made the open world experience very dull just promotes zerging of whole maps impossible to kill anyone without a decent group (were not talking about the noobs in royal lands SI, were talking players with experience who understand the game mechanics and can actually play) its an easy fix auto attacks do 1 Dmg after dismounting for 3 seconds not everyone is gonna be on t4-t3 horses for life. either way im no longer doing open world pvp along with probably 99% of my guild like were no…

  • ??? WTF ???

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    Thats just the new weather system, see the ice is melting.

  • why not just have auto attacks do 1 damage for the first 3 seconds? that way at least you can slow people but zergs cannot dismount you by just auto attacks alone then you would have to change the ice staff from rooting after 3 auto attacks as well then perfect. plus it just looks crap, it looks bad you jump of your horse and you just stand there. and like come on when people are riding t6 mounts all the time later on in the game even t5 is hard to catch just to slow them without a hand full of …

  • well now to balance it out your going to have to either speed up runs or nerf horse speeds, or a small mix of both. or even better go back to the good old days now that the map is small remove gallop?

  • Quote from Khenjin: “Quote from Korn: “Pings A key feature of Albion Online is that everybody plays in the same game world, no matter where in the world they are. As a result of that, a person in Australia could be engaged in PvP with a person in London. No matter where are game servers are, the effective ping between these players is going to be however long it takes for a signal in Australia to travel to London. Now, let's assume that is going be be 250ms. If our server was based in Australia,…

  • The game is currently not playable, 90% of zones are laggy and rubber banding you back to the point where you can't even pve you get hit by pretty much every skill possible.

  • Graphic Bug Melee Weapon

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    Only happens when using t3 sword from my beginning zone experience.

  • Discconect Bug

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    Its been an issue since i started playing this game years ago Dev's have had ago at fixing this type of stuff about a year ago but have never been successful so I doubt it will not be getting looked into until well past the launch date when they have the funding/time to fix engine issues.

  • Some weapons counter weapons If it was the 1h cursed there is your problem dont stand in his face, you need to pick your fights but even so you should be able to beat any cursed staff 1v1 as long as you keep your distance.

  • -1 some need a small tweak on there "E" like longbow the weapon is just awkward to play with the cast delay and people can just walk straight out of it maybe get hit for 2 ticks of it but other then that they finally have there place and are almost very well balanced.

  • Dont know what game you guys are currently playing but the spears are really good weapons and the 1h spear with heavy and like the royal helm can have people stun locked for like 4 seconds for your dps to put all aoes down can pretty much insta wipe groups with a well placed stun......

  • you alt+f4 out of the game reload the game quickly and you can see people off screen way before the name tags appear.

  • Quote from SpooN04: “ummm so once you press A to mount it takes away your invisibility and it takes long enough for you to mount that the ganker should be able to land atleast 1 auto to cancel the channel so I dunno wtf ur talking about. Here's a video of me getting my ass kicked trying to mount while invis. At 1:04 I go invis ” Broken link man

  • Tea Party Gank Squad!

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